Press Releases

Home Team Volunteer Network 10th Anniversary

Published: 28 October 2021

1.   The Home Team Volunteer Network (HTVN) celebrated its 10th anniversary virtually on 28 October 2021. In his welcome address, guest-of-Honour Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs (MHA) and Minister for Law launched the “HTVN Outstanding Volunteer Award”, which recognised four outstanding volunteers for their leadership, strong commitment and active participation in volunteering for the Home Team. 16 Home Team volunteers also received the Commendation Award for their exemplary service. Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State for Home Affairs and Sustainability and the Environment, and Assoc Prof Ho Peng Kee, Co-Chairmen of the HTVN were also present.

2.   MHA formed the HTVN in 2011 to bring together its volunteers from different Home Team Departments under a single umbrella network, to harness synergies and strengthen the Home Team’s community partnership efforts. The HTVN provides a common platform to coordinate Home Team-wide programmes and activities for volunteers, in areas such as training, appreciation and recognition.

3.   The HTVN has around 15,000 volunteers from across 12 ground volunteer schemes and 43 Home Team Boards, Councils and Committees. Volunteers come from all walks of life and hold diverse roles, ranging from frontline roles to contributing their expertise in advisory boards. They are involved in a wide range of areas, including policing and emergency response, fire safety, crime prevention, preventive drug education outreach, as well as befriending ex-offenders.

4.   The HTVN has always prioritised efforts on engagement, communication and recognition, to better connect its network of volunteers. Since its formation, the HTVN has organised learning journeys for volunteers to enable them to understand the functions and behind-the-scenes work across different Home Team Departments. Though the learning journeys have adopted an online format due to COVID-19, our volunteers have provided positive feedback, and continue to actively participate in the sessions. Volunteers have also been actively engaging on the HTVN’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and since April this year, TikTok.

5.   MHA is continually looking to improve the HTVN volunteer experience. As part of MHA’s efforts to better understand volunteers’ perception and satisfaction with volunteering for the Home Team, HTVN will be conducting its second Volunteer Engagement Survey (VES) this year.  Results from the inaugural VES survey in 2018 were encouraging, with nine out of 10 volunteers sharing that they found their experience in volunteering with the Home Team satisfying.

6.   MHA extends its deepest appreciation to all Home Team volunteers for their strong support and service over the last decade, and will continue to work closely with volunteers to help keep Singapore safe and secure for many more years to come.