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Leadership Changes in the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Home Team Academy (HTA)

Published: 31 July 2018

  1. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will be making leadership changes in ICA and HTA.


  2. Mr Marvin Sim, 47, formerly Senior Director, Joint Operations Group at MHA Headquarters up till 17 June 2018, will join ICA as Commissioner-Designate on 13 August 2018. He will take over from Mr Clarence Yeo as Commissioner of ICA on 3 September 2018. Mr Sim was also previously Deputy Director at the Central Narcotics Bureau. Mr Sim is currently participating in an executive programme.


  3. Mr Yeo, 59, has led ICA as Commissioner since 1 September 2010. Under Mr Yeo’s leadership, ICA adopted innovative solutions in the areas of border security and traveller identification, and introduced secure and user-friendly electronic platforms for the public to apply for immigration facilities. Mr Yeo also spearheaded ICA’s transformation journey to create a future-ready ICA. On his tenure, Mr Yeo said “It has indeed been my honour and privilege to have led ICA and be part of the extraordinary ICA family. I appreciate the dedication and commitment of ICA officers. We are at a critical milestone of our transformation journey and I am confident that under Marvin’s leadership, ICA officers will stay committed in carrying out our mission to keep Singapore’s borders safe and secure”.


  4. Mr Yeo will take on the role of Chief Executive-Designate, HTA, on 3 September 2018, and as Chief Executive on 17 September 2018. Mr T. Raja Kumar, 57, Deputy Secretary (International & Training) MHA and concurrently the incumbent Chief Executive, HTA, will relinquish the latter appointment to focus on his responsibilities at MHA.During his tenure, Mr Raja oversaw the transformation of HTA’s development and training capabilities. He was instrumental in setting up the Home Team Centre for Leadership to groom the next generation of Home Team leaders, and also encouraged HTA to leverage technology to improve training efficacy and efficiency. Mr Raja said “It has been an honour and privilege to have led HTA in its transformation journey, and to champion training and learning, which touches every officer in the Home Team. Much has been achieved since 2015, and I thank each and every HTA officer for their strong commitment to driving this transformation, and in implementing ground-breaking programmes, initiatives and partnerships. I am confident that all HTA officers will give their fullest support to Clarence.”


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