10 Mar 2016

National Approach Against Trafficking in Persons

The National Approach sets out the key strategies and the desired outcomes to guide taskforce agencies and stakeholders when developing their work plans to combat TIP in the longer term. The National Approach was developed in consultation with over 80 participants from various civil society organisations, religious and secular volunteer groups, businesses and student groups in 2015. The Taskforce also reached out to the wider public for their views via REACH, a government online feedback portal.

The four outcomes under the National Approach are as follows:

a.   Prevention: Public is aware of TIP crimes and actively takes steps to prevent, combat and suppress TIP. Government officials and stakeholders are well-trained, competent and professional in identifying and dealing with TIP cases.
b.  Prosecution: Effective end-to-end criminal justice response to TIP crimes, involving comprehensive investigations and prosecution of all offenders who may be involved in trafficking or the exploitation of victims.
c.   Protection: Appropriate victim care and support framework that looks after the needs of all victims of trafficking.
d.   Partnership: Strong ecosystem comprising domestic and international stakeholders to put forth a whole-of-Singapore response against TIP.

For more information, take a look at the National Approach against Trafficking in Persons.pdf
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