23 Nov 2016

The Union of Security Employees M Sanji Education Awards - Speech by Mr Amrin Amin, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs

Mr Raymond Chin, General Secretary, USE

Mr Steve Tan, Executive Secretary, USE

Members and Partners of USE,

Award recipients,

Ladies and gentlemen,


Good afternoon. I am delighted to be here with all of you at this year's M Sanji Education Awards Presentation Ceremony.


M Sanji Education Awards

2.          First, I would like to congratulate all award winners for doing well in your studies. I hope that your award will encourage you to continue to work hard, and spur you on to more achievements.

3.          These Education Awards were named after the late Mr M Sanji. Mr Sanji served the labour movement for 13 years and championed the welfare of union members during his time as USE's Vice President and General Secretary. 

4.          I commend USE for supporting our students' education through this initiative, as well as the management of the NTUC U Care Fund for co-sponsoring the awards. The total value of the awards this year is $93,900, which is almost double the amount disbursed last year. 

5.          There are 337 award recipients this year, whose parents come from a total of 39 unionised security agencies. I am proud to be here today to recognise both the students' good performance in school, and their parents' contributions as security professionals who help keep our country safe. 


Better Wages and Career Progression through Learning

6.          As we celebrate the achievements of our award recipients, I would also like to affirm the progress that has been made in improving wages, skills and productivity in the private security industry in Singapore. To do this, the Government, unions and employers are working together to make necessary structural changes in the security industry to prepare it for the future.

7.          One major initiative is the Progressive Wage Model (PWM), which supports both wages and training of Security Officers. It was implemented in September this year, and is now part of the licensing requirements for both Security Agencies and their Security Officers. This was achieved through the coordinated and sustained efforts by our tripartite partners over the past few years. With the PWM, security officers can expect basic starting wages of at least $1,100 with the opportunity to earn higher wages as they become better skilled and take on higher job responsibilities. 

8.          Like our award recipients today, who work hard to deepen their knowledge and fulfil their aspirations, our working adults need to embrace the mind-set of lifelong learning, take advantage of training and learning opportunities, and deepen skills and expertise. 


Security Industry as Partners in SGSecure

9.          Our security officers play a vital role in keeping Singapore safe and secure through their work in the security industry. 

10.      This role is especially important now, due to the increased threat of terrorism to Singapore.  We have all read about recent plots and arrests at home and in our region. Ensuring the safety and security of Singapore requires everyone to play a part. That is why we launched the SGSecure movement to sensitise, train and mobilise Singaporeans against a terrorist attack. 

11.      What can each of us do to counter terrorism?

  • First, stay alert. Be vigilant. Use the SGSecure app to provide information to the authorities if you see a threat.
  • Second, stay united as one people. Build strong friendships with your schoolmates and colleagues from different races and religions.
  • Third, stay strong. Learn basic emergency preparedness skills so that you know what to do if you are caught in an attack. By protecting yourself and helping others, you will help us to bounce back quickly after a crisis hits us. 

12.      I also urge all security officers and industry stakeholders to be advocates of SGSecure. Actively participate in SGSecure activities and share the messages of vigilance, cohesion and resilience at your workplace, with your family and friends.

13.      You may have noticed the SGSecure exhibition at today's event. I encourage all of you to visit the display and learn about the security challenges and threats confronting Singapore, and the roles that we all can play.



14.      In closing, I wish to thank all our security officers for your hard work and dedication in providing a safe environment for our families and businesses to thrive in.

15.      Once again, I congratulate our award recipients on your good results and wish you all the best in your lifelong journey of learning.

16.       Thank you.

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