• Under the Private Lotteries Act, a private lottery permit is required for the promotion or conduct of any private lottery, which includes fruit machines, lucky draw and tombola. The Private Lotteries Act is available here.

  • Private lottery means a lottery in which tickets or chances are offered for sale only to members of a society which is established for purposes not connected with gaming, wagering or lotteries and such number of guests of each member as the Minister of Home Affairs may prescribe by regulations.

  • Any society which wishes to apply for private lottery permit for fruit machine, tombola or lucky draw may submit an application to the Gambling Regulatory Unit through LicenceOne. You may refer to the procedure listed under each permit category on the application process.


For enquiries on private lotteries permit, please email to MHA_GRU_PL@mha.gov.sg

For enquiries on LicenceOne portal, please email to licences-helpdesk@crimsonlogic.com

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