All applications for new permits to conduct private lotteries for fruit machines must be made via LicenceOne.

To facilitate the application via LicenceOne, applicants are advised to prepare the following supporting documents in order to provide the necessary information during the application process and to upload copies of the documents onto LicenceOne when prompted.

Supporting Documents for New Applicant

  1. An authorisation letter endorsed by the President or Chairperson of the Society to apply for a private lottery permit (PDF);
  2. Latest copy of the Society's Constitution, Rules and By-laws certified by the Chairman or Member of the Executive Committee of the Society (PDF);
  3. An audited statement of the number of members in each category of membership at the last financial year closing, stating the membership types (PDF);
  4. An audited statement of accounts for the last 3 financial years without fruit machine operations (PDF);
  5. An audited supplementary disclosure for the disclosure on fruit machine revenues and direct fruit machine expenses (in both Microsoft Excel and PDF format);
  6. Minutes of Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, documenting the intent of the members to have fruit machine facility (PDF);
  7. Floorplan(s) – showing the location of the proposed fruit machine room and the various other facilities (PDF); and
  8. A copy of the URA planning permission for the proposed use as a clubhouse (PDF)



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