What is a Private Lotteries permit?

1. Do I need to apply for this permit?

Yes, unless exempted, a private lottery permit is required for the promotion or conduct of any private lottery.

2. What does private lottery mean or refer to?

Lottery means any game, method, scheme or device where money or money's worth is distributed or allotted in any manner depending upon or to be determined by chance or lot, whether the same is held, drawn, exercised or managed either in whole or in part within or outside Singapore.


In addition, "private lottery" means a lottery in which tickets or chances are offered for sale only to members of a society which is established for purposes not connected with gaming, wagering or lotteries and such number of guests of each member as the Minister for Home Affairs may prescribe by regulations.

3. What is a "fruit machine?

A "fruit machine" means any machine -

  1. operated by the use of a coin, a token, a stored value card or any other thing; and
  2. by the manipulation of which chances are given of obtaining prizes in money; and
  3. includes a jackpot machine.

4. Can I extend the private lottery to members of public?

No, the lottery is confined only to members of the society. Tickets may only be sold to bona fide members i.e. not to members of the public or to persons who become honorary or associate members by mere purchase of a ticket.

What is the Application Process?

1. How much does each permit cost?

Please refer to the Private Lotteries permit fees here.

2. How soon can my application be processed?

The normal processing time is about 2 months from the receipt of the application and the necessary supporting documents.

3. What is the application process like?

For new/ renewal of private lotteries permits
All new or renewal applications for private lotteries permits must be made online via LicenceOne

For update of information of private lotteries permits
After a permit has been issued to a society, the society is required to seek approval or notify the Permit Officer of any update of information via LicenceOne.

For installation/ replacement/ release or destruction of fruit machines to the Gambling Regulatory Unit via the following email: MHA_GRU_PL@mha.gov.sg

4. Why do I have to provide an email address to receive all official communications relating to Private Lotteries permit?

The Gambling Regulatory Unit will forward any relevant announcements to this email address provided whenever necessary. Hence, the society may want to ensure that the email inbox is adequately manned to ensure that relevant announcements are received in good time.

5. How do I know if I am a new applicant for fruit machine operation?

A Society which had previously ceased its FM operation and is re-applying for a Private Lotteries permit will be considered as a new Private Lotteries Permit (Fruit Machine) applicant, and will be subjected to the latest assessment criteria.

6. What are the additional criteria for new applicants?

As of 1 August 2018, a society's clubhouse will have to be in operation for at least three years and be in healthy financial state, before they can apply for a new Private Lotteries Permit (Fruit Machine). The new permit applicant must also show that the intended fruit-machines facility is requested and supported by its members. These additional criteria do not apply to existing permit holders who are renewing their permits.

What do I have to comply with under the permit?

1. What are the permit conditions to be complied with?

For societies issued with a permit to operate fruit machines, they are to comply with the following sets of permit conditions imposed:

1) Permit Conditions for Operating Fruit Machines (wef 1 Nov 2020)

2) Permit conditions for conducting lucky draw
3) Permit conditions for conducting tombola

All societies shall also comply with all other provisions under the Private Lotteries Act, the regulations made thereunder and any such further conditions imposed by the Permit Officer from time to time.


2. What types of promotion schemes are allowed for fruit machine operations?

All redemption programmes based on the sales of tickets or chances are not allowed. All other forms of promotion schemes can continue until further notice.


If in doubt, please write in to the Gambling Regulatory Unit.


3. What types of promotion schemes are NOT allowed for fruit machine operations?

Examples of promotion schemes which are not allowed are as follows: 

  1. Loyalty points/ Redemption based on the amount of money spent playing on the machines (E.g. $10 played on the machines -> 1 point; 20 points -> Prize/F&B voucher/etc); and
  2. Extra credit given to players for a certain amount of money spent playing on the machines (E.g. $5 extra credit for every $50 played).

4. What are the fruit machine requirements to be complied with?

In accordance to Permit Condition 13A and Permit Condition 15 - (a) systems, hardware, devices and software, including Slots Management Systems,  and (b) fruit machines are to be approved by the Permit Officer. Please refer to the relevant documents below for the requirements for fruit machines and Slots Management System:

Fruit Machines

FM Minimum Tech Standards and Declaration form (wef 1 Nov 2020)

Slots Management System

SMS Minimum Tech Standards and Declaration Form (wef 1 Oct 2020)

For application requests on fruit machines, Slots Management Systems, or any other types of systems/devices/software to be connected or integrated with fruit machines, please email to MHA_GRU_PL@mha.gov.sg

5. Do societies need to obtain prior written approval of the Permit Officer to reset the fruit machines' meters?

Approval for the reset of meters is not required. However, societies are required to perform a printout of the soft meter readings of the machines before and after the resetting of the meters and maintain the printouts and ensure legibility for 5 years. These printouts are to be submitted to Permit Officer upon request.

6. Are societies allowed to admit persons holding day membership to take part in the fruit machine activities?

The Gambling Regulatory Unit does not permit clubs to allow persons holding day membership to take part in the private lotteries organised by the societies. The types of membership that a person must have to be allowed to take part in the lotteries are as prescribed in its constitution or by-laws, and stated in the application submitted by society for the Private Lotteries permit.

7. Do societies need to obtain prior written approval of the Permit Officer for a change in the schedule for the collection of the fruit machine takings?

Approval from the Gambling Regulatory Unit is not required. Societies are also not required to notify the Gambling Regulatory Unit such changes.

8. Will GRU Officers be present during the commissioning / installation/ destruction / replacement of fruit machines?

No, the society may proceed with the commissioning, installation, destruction or replacement of fruit machines once the request for such changes are approved by the Permit Officers from Gambling Regulatory Unit.

Please note that societies are to still required to submit the application to Gambling Regulatory Unit for the destruction of fruit machines. (Certificate of Release of Machine or Certificate of Destruction of Machine.)

9. Can societies remove the 200-coin payout limit, offer more bet lines, and other modifications to Fruit Machines?

Yes. However, please note that prior written approval has to be obtained for any modification of a machine installed, including changes to the information stated in the Declaration Form for Fruit Machines.
Societies are to re-submit a fresh Declaration Form containing the updated information.

10. What are the supporting documents required for a Private Lotteries Permit to be considered for renewal?

Please refer to the latest requirements for renewal of a Private Lottery Permit here

11. Do societies need to obtain the prior written approval of the Permit Officer for the demonstration of fruit machine or equipment by the fruit machine vendors in the fruit machine room?

Yes, a prior written approval is required for all installation of fruit machine or equipment (including the hardware and software of such machine or equipment) in the fruit machine room.

12. Will societies be able to operate fruit machines that accept dollar notes, tickets and cards?

Societies shall continue to seek approval from the Gambling Regulatory Unit to install machines.

13. Do societies need to obtain prior written approval of the Permit Officer to reposition the machines within the fruit machine room?

No, approval is not required. However, if the machine involves the renumbering of the machine numbers, approval from the Permit Officer will be required.

Social Safeguards

1. Must the Club get written consent from members for verification of exclusion status every time they enter the Fruit Machine room? Why is written consent needed?

The Club only needs to seek a one-off written consent from each member who enters the Fruit Machine room, for the club to (i) verify the member’s exclusion status with the NCPG, and (ii) for NCPG to release such information to the Club. On the member’s next entry or visit, the written consent still stands and there is no need to obtain consent again.


The written consent is for the Club’s reference and safe-keeping so that it will know which members had given consent. The written consent may be used as evidence in the event there is any dispute from a member concerning personal data protection or privacy related issues.

2. Will NCPG provide the wordings or template for the written consent form?

The Club may use the wordings below to seek written consent from members who wish to enter the Fruit Machine room:-

I hereby consent to [Club Name] conducting verification checks on me through the National Council on Problem Gambling (‘NCPG’). I further consent to [Club Name] using or disclosing information on or relating to me and/or my membership account to the NCPG for official purposes; and to the NCPG providing information relating to my self-exclusion and any exclusion orders made against me under Sections 162, 165, 165A(1)(a), 165A(1)(b) and 165C of the Casino Control Act (Cap 33A) to [Club Name] for such purposes.

3. Can the existing membership kiosk or gantry in my Fruit Machine room connect directly to NCPG’s exclusion database like the casinos?

The NCPG e-service will only be accessible (using CorpPass) via a computer terminal or tablet device with internet access.

4. Must the Club verify a member’s exclusion status every time they enter the Fruit Machine room?

Every time a member enters or re-enters the Fruit Machine room, the Club needs to verify the member’s exclusion status using the NCPG e-service. A person who has an active self-exclusion from the fruit machine rooms, or who is a subject of NCPG Relevant Exclusion, or who does not consent to such verifications shall not be allowed to enter, remain in or take part in any gaming in the Fruit Machine rooms.

5. What should a Club do when an excluded member requires more information about his or her exclusion status?

Clubs can advise the member to call NCPG via 6354 8154. The operating hours of the number are as follows: Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 6:00pm. Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm,Saturday 8:30am to 1:00pm (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays).

6. How do members apply for self-exclusion with the Clubs?

Members may apply for self-exclusion from Fruit Machine rooms by the following:

  1. Online using SingPass account via the NCPG’s website: https://www.ncpg.org.sg;
  2. Downloading application from the NCPG’s website (as above) and returning the completed form to NCPG; and
  3. In person at NCPG’s office at SLF Building, #05-01, 510 Thomson Road.

7. Will NCPG provide Self-Exclusion application forms for Clubs to give members?

New self-exclusion application forms have been provided to all Clubs to pass to their members upon request. Clubs could also request the forms from NCPG if they need more.

8. What about existing members who had applied for self-exclusion with specific club(s) before 1 May 2018? How are they affected?

These individuals are excluded from all Clubs from 1 May 2018 onwards. A letter has been sent to all who have applied for self-exclusion prior to 1 September 2017 to notify them of this change.

9. Can persons on self-exclusion revoke it? How do they go about doing this?

Yes, an individual who had applied for self-exclusion from at least one Club or from holding an online betting account may subsequently apply to revoke his/her self-exclusion. All revocations can only be made in person at the NCPG office. Applicants are required to contact NCPG at 6354 8154 to make an appointment for revocation, and bring along their NRIC for verification.

10. Can family members apply to exclude an individual from Fruit Machine rooms?

Individuals with a Family Exclusion Order (‘FEO’) will be excluded from all jackpot machine rooms operated by private Clubs in Singapore. This is in addition to exclusion from the local casinos and online betting services provided by Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

The FEO is only for immediate members such as spouses, children and siblings which includes adopted and step relations. Family members can call NCPG’s appointed agencies below to apply for a FEO.

NCPG’s Appointed Agencies:

  1. PsycHealth Practice (under Healthway Medical Group)

    Contact No.: 6252 6266

    Address: 176 Orchard Road, The CentrePoint, #06-01, Singapore 238843

    Email Address: daretochange@healthwaymedical.com

    Operating Hours: 8.30am to 6.00pm (Monday to Friday)

  2. THK Centre for Family Harmony @ Circuit

    Contact No.:6747 7514

    Address: Blk 37 Circuit Road, #02-455, Singapore 370037

    Email Address: cfh@thkmc.org.sg

    Operating Hours: 9.00am to 6.00pm (Tuesday to Wednesday/Friday to Saturday),

    9.00am to 9.00pm (Thursday)

    The application process to the NCPG hearing will take approximately three weeks.

11. Can a member revoke his Family Exclusion Order (FEO)? How?

The member has to stay on the FEO for a minimum of one year before a revocation application can be made. Either the excluded person or any affected family members can make the revocation application.
For advice on how to revoke a Family Exclusion Order, please contact NCPG at 6354 8154.

12. Can the Club’s employees or vendors with an active self-exclusion or NCPG relevant exclusion, work in Fruit Machine rooms?

Employees and service providers of the Club may continue to enter Fruit Machine rooms as needed for the purpose of their service, duty and function. Such persons may include:

  1. Club’s management who oversee the Fruit Machine room’s operation;
  2. Club’s employee or contracted staff (cleaners, etc) who need to enter Fruit Machine rooms to perform their work duties;
  3. External vendors who need to enter Fruit Machine rooms for work purposes;
  4. and individuals from community organizations who need to conduct Responsible Gambling activities or outreach.


    Persons who are required to enter and remain in the Fruit Machine room for the purpose of their service, duty and function, shall not engage in any gaming activity while in the Fruit machine room, and they remain in the Fruit Machine room for so long only as is required for the performance of their service, duty and function.

    The Club must maintain records of such individuals in electronic or physical form. The details of such persons to be recorded shall minimally include:

    · Name;

    · Date of Birth;

    · NRIC or relevant unique identification number; and

    · Date and time of each entry and exit from a Fruit Machine room.

    Clubs may wish to provide employees and service providers with identification labels so as not to confuse them with all other patrons who need to be screened before entering the FM room

13. My FM room staff who has access to the NCPG e-Service has left the organisation, what do I need to do?

The Club must update the NCPG of any staff movement so that access to the e-Service can be terminated. The Club should provide the staff’s Name and NRIC no. to admin@ncpg.gov.sg to facilitate the process.

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