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A Career in Intelligence

A fulfilling and rewarding career awaits those who want to join in ISD’s critical mission of keeping Singapore safe and sovereign for all Singaporeans.  

We offer diverse career opportunities in the fields of Operations, Research, Technology, Cyber, Protective Security, Security Education and Corporate Services.

If you are up for the challenge and would like to join us in our mission, we welcome you to send in a job application via Form.SG.

“I was involved in a case just a few months into my job and got my first taste of investigative work. I found it exhilarating to piece together information from different sources to understand the case. Through this experience, I also had the chance to work closely with officers from different divisions to move investigations forward. I felt tremendously proud to be part of the team.”

- “Charlene”, Research Analyst

Read about Charlene’s experience and what it takes to be an ISD officer. Also check out the Home Team National Day Observance Ceremony Speech 2022 by Min K Shanmugam and Straits Times' article.


Who Are We Looking For?

Are you driven by a sense of public duty and conviction of mission to safeguard Singapore’s internal security? Do you possess the character qualities of Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Self-sacrifice? Do you want to work in a collaborative culture with a strong sense of fellowship and camaraderie among colleagues? If so, you might be who we are looking for. 

“Like many observers, I can see that a thing which stands out among ISD officers is their strong sense of fellowship and camaraderie. Not surprisingly, ISD has always had a very low attrition rate; most officers serve their entire careers in the Department pursuing its mission.”

- Mr Wong Kan Seng, Minister for Home Affairs (2002)


What Can You Expect From A Career With ISD?

As an ISD officer, you will develop both professional skills and the relevant instincts to safeguard Singapore’s internal security and stability. Professional excellence does not happen by chance. ISD has various training frameworks and programmes in place to provide our officers with every measure of skill and knowledge necessary to effectively contribute to ISD’s critical security mission. We also imbue in our officers the ethos and values that underpin ISD’s work. 

“I get the chance to learn and develop myself every day, whether through experience on the field or through training.” – “Chai”, Operations Officer




Operations Officer

As an Operations Officer, you will be on the frontlines of ISD’s security operations. You will investigate and collect intelligence on threats to Singapore's internal security. You will also be responsible for taking action, including interdiction, to stop threats to Singapore’s security.

“It is a challenging job and one that constantly keeps you on your toes, but it is a rewarding career. At the end of the day, it is the satisfaction of knowing that you are at the forefront of national security, and that you are dealing with threats that are immediate and critical. Threats like terrorism, racial and religious extremism, and espionage.” – “Irfan”, Operations Officer


Research Analyst

Synthesising information into useful intelligence is part and parcel of what ISD’s Research Analysts do. You will be involved in strategic analysis which entails monitoring security trends and identifying threats to provide accurate assessments and help drive our intelligence collection efforts. As a Research Analyst, you will assess policies that impact internal security, and make recommendations to preserve Singapore’s stability and security. With a complex and rapidly-evolving security terrain, your work will be fast-paced, varied and stimulating.

“The work of the analyst is like solving a jigsaw puzzle, with information derived from a variety of sources. The completed puzzle is converted into useful intelligence for managing the security threats that Singapore faces.” – “Helmi”, Research Analyst


Learn more about what an ISD Research Analyst does in this exclusive interview with “Paul”



Cyber and Technology Officers

ISD harnesses our state-of-the-art technological capabilities to counter threats to Singapore’s security and stability. As a Technology Specialist in ISD, you will work with a dedicated team of individuals to research and develop technological innovations to deal with contemporary security challenges. You will be responsible for developing, operating, enhancing and protecting technology systems and platforms critical to ISD’s mission success. 

If you are a critical thinker and creative problem solver with talent in the fields of computing, engineering and technology, join us for an exciting and rewarding career in intelligence.

We offer Cyber and Technology career opportunities in the following areas:  

• Applied Research & Development
• Biometric & Multimedia Solutions
• Cyber Intelligence & Security
• Data Science/ Data Solutions
• Enterprise Systems and Networking Engineering
• ICT Enterprise Infrastructure
• ICT Security 
• Project Management & Policy
• Software Development
• Technical Intelligence & Operations

“One of the mission-critical needs for security-intelligence agencies today is to make sense of the volatile operating environment from a technological perspective. Our team of dedicated professionals is constantly riding the technological wave to ensure that ISD is able to fulfil its mission of safeguarding Singapore’s security and sovereignty.” – “Adilah”, Technology Officer


Security Education Officer 

As a Security Education officer, you will help raise public awareness of critical threats to Singapore’s national security, and ISD’s role in countering such threats. You will conduct research into Singapore’s rich security history from the unique vantage point of an intelligence agency responsible for safeguarding Singapore’s internal security and stability. You will also be part of a vibrant team exploring new strategies to enhance our security education and outreach initiatives. If you enjoy reading history or current affairs, creating content for different audiences and engaging with people, this could well be the job for you. 

“Security Education gives me a unique balance of different kinds of work. As part of my day-to-day work, I not only conduct research and develop content, I also have regular opportunities to be an ambassador of ISD, engaging members of the public and sensitising them to threats to Singapore’s internal security. I particularly enjoy the creative aspects of my work – for instance, where I get to come up with ideas about how to better reach out to the public.” –“Harjit”, Security Education Officer


Corporate Executive

ISD’s success rests on the strength of its officers and its systems. As part of ISD’s Corporate team, you will be instrumental in maximising the potential of our officers and drive organisational excellence. If you are looking for fulfilling and meaningful work in corporate functions, look no further! 

Join our team of dedicated team of individuals to serve in these corporate functions:

• Audit 
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Infrastructural and Logistics Management
• Planning and Corporate Communications 

“Corporate services are vital enablers in ISD. We work hard to ensure that our colleagues in Operations, Research, Technology, Security Outreach and other vital areas are given the required resources, systems and tools to fulfil their missions.”  –“M.L”, Corporate Executive

“We’re ordinary people doing work in an extraordinary organisation. The fact that I am with ISD is a source of pride.” – “Prakash”, Corporate Executive



The Ministry of Home Affairs Civilian Scholarship is awarded to all-rounded individuals who are passionate about strengthening Singapore's safety and security in a civilian appointment spanning diverse roles in research analyst, engineering, data science and more. If you are interested in a career with ISD, we offer the Civilian (Specialist) scholarship under the Internal Security track.

Click here to find out more about this scholarship opportunity! 


Ready to Serve?

Rise up to the challenge and join us in keeping Singapore safe and sovereign.  Apply for our careers now.




Are you a student looking for an extraordinary internship opportunity? ISD offers unique internships in various domains.   

An internship with ISD is a gateway to experience what we do and find out more about a career in intelligence.

We offer a structured internship programme, where you will take on industry-relevant projects with the guidance of experienced mentors. You will have opportunities to apply theoretical and practical knowledge from your studies to address real-life security challenges in a fast-paced and mission-oriented environment. 


Explore Internship Opportunities with ISD

ISD offers internship opportunities in the following domain areas:

• Cyber Security & Intelligence
• Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
• Technology
• Security Education


Cyber Security & Intelligence

You will develop a practical understanding of how ISD deals with threats to Singapore’s internal security emanating from the cyber domain. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to our efforts by conducting research into new technologies and how they can be applied to counter cyber threats.

“Very cool, very different, interesting, enjoyable, rewarding and definitely useful. It was an eye-opening experience for me to be exposed to technologies in the security sector.” – “Jayden”, Cyber Intern


Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

You will get firsthand experience of how ISD deploys data collection, visualisation, analytics and modelling to derive intelligence from seemingly unrelated data points. You will also have opportunities to contribute to ISD’s security mission through exploration of state-of-the-art analytics techniques and technologies.  

“The internship helped me understand the needs of the Department and how I can improve work processes with my technical knowledge. I learnt more about ISD’s critical role in securing Singapore’s sovereignty, and the prospect of being involved in meaningful work enticed me to ultimately join the department.” – “Ella”, Data Science Intern



The ISD technology internship aims to nurture future tech talents who can meaningfully contribute to the security community. You will be exposed to new cutting-edge technologies and its applications. You will also have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and expertise, and work on projects that solve real-world security challenges.

“What I enjoyed most about my internship with ISD was the exposure to new technologies. I also had the freedom to explore and implement my own solutions to real-life challenges.” – “Asher”, Technology Intern


Security Education

You will develop a good understanding of ISD’s role, past and present, in addressing threats to Singapore’s internal security and stability. You will also conduct research into issues relating to Singapore’s domestic security, and support ISD’s security outreach initiatives in the community.

“The most valuable part of my internship with ISD was making connections with the officers as well as my peers, and learning from them.” - “Wei Ning”, Security Education Intern


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