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Cyberspace – A New Threat Frontier

In today’s world, spy games are no longer confined to the physical domain. Cyberspace has emerged as a new threat frontier when it comes to state-sponsored espionage and hostile intelligence activities.

ISD’s counter-espionage and counter-intelligence work straddles both the physical and cyber domains. As a highly-digitalised society, Singapore is particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. State-sponsored cyber intrusions against our government, critical infrastructure and other information networks pose substantial threats to Singapore’s national security and national interests. Similarly, hostile dis-, mis- and mal-information campaigns launched by other countries against Singapore could seriously compromise our internal security and stability. They could be part of a larger subversive agenda by our foreign adversaries.

ISD fuses our counter-intelligence expertise and cutting-edge technological capabilities to counter threats to Singapore’s national security emanating from the cyber domain. We advise Singapore government agencies on protective security measures to guard against threats, and work closely with relevant agencies to safeguard Singapore’s national cyber security.