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Strengthening Community Partnerships

Over the years, ISD has built strong partnerships with the community, public agencies and private sector entities. We place high value on strengthening our ties with the wider community as we recognise that the public has an important role to play in helping to protect Singapore and Singaporeans from security threats.


ISD Heritage Centre

The Centre, which opened its doors in 2002, was originally conceptualised as an in-house training facility for ISD officers. It contains a rich repository of material that documents an integral part of Singapore's post-war and modern security history.

The Centre showcases security operations undertaken by ISD through the years, and reveals the painstaking intelligence work of its officers to keep Singapore safe and sovereign. Visitors learn about the fundamental role the organisation has played in neutralising threats from terrorists, spies, agents of influence, communists, and racial and religious extremists.

Ultimately, in sharing Singapore's security history, the Centre seeks to emphasise that Singapore's security and stability do not come naturally; they require hard work and sacrifice and should never be taken for granted.


Visiting the Heritage Centre

As the Heritage Centre is located within a protected area, it is not open to walk-in visitors. Instead, it liaises with organised groups such as government agencies, schools and grassroots organisations to facilitate requests for visits.

Mobile Exhibitions

In order to bring key security messages to a larger audience, the Centre also organises mobile exhibitions at external locations. It collaborates, for example, with schools and tertiary institutions to hold exhibitions on threats to Singapore's national security posed by terrorism, communalism, extremism and radicalisation. 


Security Outreach


ISD regularly undertakes security outreach to sensitise members of the public to the various threats to Singapore's internal security. Since 2001, we have conducted numerous briefings for various groups in the community, such as the youth, community leaders and migrant workers in Singapore, to raise awareness of the terrorism threat and educate the public on how they can play a part in preventing terrorist incidents and the spread of extremist ideologies. We also conduct lectures, workshops, and mobile exhibitions on national security issues for public sector agencies, institutes of higher learning, community organisation and private sector companies.