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About Home Team Academy

Officially opened in September 2006, the Home Team Academy (HTA) is a department of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Chief Executive Anwar Abdullah heads the Academy with two Deputies in charge of Training & Development, and Administration.

What We Do

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HTA focuses on empowering learning and growth in order to enable a united and successful Home Team.

We do this primarily by:

  • Providing centralised leadership development training for Home Team officers in distinct topics, including crisis management and strategic leadership.
  • Providing holistic and structured trainer development for all Home Team trainers. We manage a variety of courses that provide training for instructional design, delivery and assessment.
  • Collaborating with the Ministry Headquarters and our external partners to run needs driven, specialised courses to enable transformation and future-readiness in the Home Team.
  • Designing and delivering programmes that foster a strong Home Team identity through shared experiences and understanding of the Home Team's heritage and culture.
  • Developing and implementing robust safety standards to govern training and use of training facilities at the Academy.

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Our Vision

A Leading Corporate University in Homefront Safety and Security.

Our Mission

Corporate University of the Home Team - Empowering Learning & Growth. Enabling a United & Successful Home Team.


Our Values

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We are passionate about learning and we walk the talk by being active learners.



We take pride in serving the Home Team Academy, and adding value to achieve the Home Team’s mission.



We are always focused on raising the standards of professionalism and capabilities of Home Team Officers, and striving for excellence.


Our Transformation


HTA is transforming into a digitally empowered and future-ready Corporate University of the Home Team. We aim to achieve our mission by supporting Training & Learning with Technology & Digitalisation and Partnerships, with People at our heart.

HTA provides good and effective learning for Home Team officers.

By leveraging technology and digitalisation, we transform the way trainers teach, the way learners learn, and enhance the overall training and learning experience for the Home Team.

We build and sustain a team of people who are well taken care of, engaged, treated as valued partners, respected professionals, and technology-enabled to be future-ready.

Through partnerships within the Home Team, and externally with local and foreign counterparts, we build networks and relationships to enable HTA to achieve our mission.

Through our ongoing transformation efforts, HTA develops thinking and adaptable next generation Home Team leaders and officers to enable a future-ready Home Team.