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Home Team Academy Centres

Our centres work closely with Home Team departments and strategic partners to empower learning and growth to enable a united and successful Home Team.

Learn more about the work of our centres.

Home Team Centre for Leadership (HTCL)

The centre drives leadership development across the Home Team by developing strategic, innovative and impactful learning initiatives focused on leadership skills needed for the Home Team officers to navigate the challenges in the dynamic operating environment. It curates and runs leadership, safety and security, and crisis management programmes for Home Team officers, whole-of-government and international partners.

Centre for Home Team Foundation Training and Heritage (CFTH)

CFTH plays a key role in HTA’s mission by helping to inculcate a common Home Team identity and core values, and by preserving the Home Team’s rich heritage.

This is done through policy formulation, heritage research and documentation, outreach, and promoting Home Team integration and values in foundation courses and milestone programmes.

CFTH manages the HT Civilian Training School (CTS) that oversee the holistic training and learning development of civilian officers. The overarching objective is to cultivate a skilled and competent civilian workforce who are able to address current and future challenges effectively, and work collaboratively with their civilian and uniformed counterparts to fulfil the HT’s mission.

The centre also manages the Former Combined Operations Room exhibition – a police bunker at Pearl’s Hill Terrace (by appointments only). Visit it and learn about the significant part it played in the Home Team's history.

Visit the Exhibition

Centre for Home Team Skills Transformation (CST)

CST is made up of two units - the Cross Cutting Skills unit and the Home Team Simulation System (HTS2) unit.

Centre for Learning Systems (CLS)

CLS is responsible for planning, developing and reviewing Home Team training and learning capabilities. It strategises in the areas of learning design, curriculum development, instructional delivery, assessment and evaluation.

One of CLS’ key roles is to drive Home Team trainers’ professional development and continuous education, and training through the Trainers’ Competency Development Framework.  

It also looks into the acquisition of specialised expertise – curriculum design and development, assessment and evaluation - among the Home Team training and learning community, and advances the development and application of a shared learning management system and learning technologies across the Home Team.

Centre for Corporate Services (CCS)

CCS is responsible for ensuring the provision of efficient and effective corporate support functions to help HTA achieve its mission and vision.

CCS officers formulate and implement, policies and frameworks on:

  • Administration and finance
  • Logistics, facilities, building, and estate development and management
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Environmental sustainability and eco-friendly approaches
  • Safety and security

The centre also drives HTA’s ‘Green’ efforts, planning and implementing high-impact measures that result in energy, water and cost savings, as well as its corporate responsibility initiatives.

Centre for Human Capital and Smart Campus Transformation (CHCT)

CHCT focuses on HTA’s transformation initiatives.

The centre oversees the implementation of transformational projects under HTA’s Technology-Enabled and Digitalised HTA (TED@HTA) Masterplan 2025, which is a key enabler for the realisation of an HTA smart campus. It is also responsible for driving organisational transformation through people development.

Centre for Planning, Technology and Communications (CPTC)

CPTC is responsible for charting the development of HTA as an effective and forward-looking organisation.

It drives HTA’s strategic and technology planning, as well as resource management processes to ensure the alignment of systems, technologies, capabilities and behaviours to facilitate HTA’s continuous transformation and organisational excellence.

It also leads HTA’s partnership and engagement efforts, including bringing in experts and esteemed speakers as distinguished visiting fellows, to share knowledge and insights on homefront safety and security, and training and learning topics. It is also responsible for HTA’s branding, corporate and internal communications efforts.

Training Safety and Audit Branch (TSAB)

TSAB reviews, recommends, educates and ensures compliance with training safety regulations for all training activities in HTA as training safety is a top priority for HTA. It takes the lead through setting mandatory safety standards for the Home Team, conducting audits, and putting in place a robust system for risk reporting and monitoring.

TSAB develops innovative measures such as the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature display panel to ensure the safety and health of Home team officers are not compromised while training at HTA.

This involves:

  • Conducting inspections, audits, risk assessment, safety educational campaigns and benchmarking of HTA training standards to international standards through external certifications such as the ISO 45001 certification for training safety and facilities.
  • Conducting audits for high-risk training activities in other Home Team departments, and sharing good practices in training safety to strengthen the Home team's training safety culture.