Home Team Department

Training Schools and Specialist Centres


All Home Team department training schools, including those that are not co-located at HTA, are given equal opportunities use our facilities to train their officers. Their respective Heads of Department maintain command and control over the professional development of the schools. 

HTA collaborates closely with the Home Team training schools to co-develop and implement key training and learning initiatives across the Home Team. Learn about each of the training schools and specialist centres co-located at HTA below.

Police Training Command (TRACOM)

TRACOM is the primary training institute of the Singapore Police Force (SPF). All police officers pass through its doors before assuming their duties in the respective units. TRACOM trains and develops the core and professional competencies of all SPF officers. Through enhancing training capabilities and developing appropriate training programmes, TRACOM strives to develop SPF officers into professional individuals and dynamic leaders.

TRACOM comprises the following training units, with a clear delineation of their roles and functions:

  • Basic Training School that develops and provides basic police training for National Service and Regular police officers
  • Advanced Training School that develops and provides vocational training for police officers posted to the frontline
  • Leadership & Executive Training School that develops and provides leadership training for police officers
  • Frontline Policing Training School that develops and provides maintenance and tactical training for frontline officers
  • Curriculum & Assessment Branch that undertakes curriculum development and reviews, as well as assessment and evaluation

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Training Command (ICATC)

ICATC is the training arm of ICA. It sets the training and learning direction and develops training strategies and policies for ICA. It also conducts basic and developmental training programmes to equip our officers with tradecraft, leadership and generic competencies. This enables ICA to build and nurture a competent, future-ready and professional workforce.

As part of continuous efforts to bring realistic and effective training to the officers, ICATC leverages technology and smart infrastructure to enhance training delivery and accessibility.

Singapore Prison Training Institute (SPTI)

SPTI develops correctional officers and focuses on reinforcing a strong operations-training nexus to equip them with the necessary skills to carry out correctional work. SPTI’s vision is to be a leading correctional training institute instrumental in nurturing officers to be operationally ready yet committed to inspiring hope and impacting lives.

It does this by:

  • Training new entrant prison officers to become competent correctional officers by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to enforce secure custody of offenders, and oversee their reintegration
  • Continually reviewing training provided to meet current and future operational needs
  • Collaborating with relevant organisations to share and enhance knowledge on correctional training

Home Team School of Criminal Investigation (HTSCI)

HTSCI was established on 18 July 2011 as a new line unit under the Singapore Police Force.

Its vision is to be at the leading edge of criminal investigation training, establishing standards of excellence in training and learning for investigation and forensic officers. It is the beacon to guide knowledge, skills and competency development in criminal investigation in the Home Team.

Its mission is to train all investigation and forensic officers in the Home Team and related law enforcement agencies with skills and competencies, and in new capabilities, to face current and future challenges in criminal investigation work.