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Transforming the Home Team

The Home Team's operating environment is becoming more complex. Learn about why that is and how we are transforming to meet the security challenges of the future.

Over the next few decades, the Home Team’s operating environment will be more complex than it is today. To prepare for those challenges, the Home Team embarked on our Home Team Transformation journey.


How We Transform – Developing New Operating Models

The new frontline operating models will embrace these themes:

The Home Team will develop joint capabilities and integrate key areas of operations to harness the strengths of the Home Team departments as One Home Team.

To strengthen our operations, we will take a more integrated, coordinated approach to how Home Team departments conduct operations, intelligence, and investigation.

One example is enhanced joint operations with clearer planning processes and integrated teams. This will enable the Home Team to deploy the most appropriate Home Team resources to handle incidents, and to facilitate more coordinated ground action.

In Policing and Emergency Medical Response, the types or levels of resources we deploy will be matched to the nature and severity of incidents. Home Team departments will also anticipate where resources may be needed and deploy them in advance for a faster response.

Corrections and Drug Control will use business analytics to customise rehabilitation and supervision regimes based on inmates' and drug supervisees' needs and risk levels.

For Checkpoint Security, a new clearance concept will be introduced to provide seamless, secure and efficient immigration clearance experience for all travellers. 

The Home Team will use technology as a key force multiplier, particularly in the areas of data analytics and automation.

Data will be collated from multiple Home Team department sources and analysed to improve situational awareness for better decision-making.

  • SPF is setting up an integrated and networked command harnessing data from multiple surveillance sources. This will provide officers with a timely and comprehensive view of potential threats and criminal activities.
  • Through its next generation data platform, ICA will harvest information from its service centre, inland enforcement and checkpoints to enhance its situational awareness.
  • Prisons' transformed Housing Unit and the CNB’s next-generation reporting centres will make extensive use of technologies such as automation and facial recognition. This will reduce manual tasks and free up officers’ time for higher value work.

The Home Team will take a more targeted approach to community engagement, and use new platforms to connect with, empower and organise the community to contribute towards the Home Team’s mission.

Even as we emphasise new ways of operating and a greater adoption of technology, the Home Team is also ensuring that our people continue to be ready to support our mission.

To develop the next generation Home Team workforce, we are reviewing how the workforce should be structured and sized in the most optimal way, refining the roles and skillsets that officers will need in future.

Most importantly, the Home Team is changing the way it trains its officers. Training will be integral to equipping Home Team officers with the relevant skills and competencies to perform their new roles and duties effectively.