Our Commitment to You

All volunteers in the Home Team stand with us in preserving Singapore's security. You are a key partner of the Home Team in our efforts to engage the community to embrace security awareness and to play a part in ensuring their own security and that of their loved ones. You enhance the work of the Home Team through your passion, expertise and time.

As a Home Team volunteer, you will be trained and supervised, working in partnership with regular officers in the execution of their duties. Our philosophy of involvement includes giving you the necessary orientation, ample opportunities for personal development, as well as awards and recognition for good service.


Awards and Recognition

You could be recognised for your efforts through special awards. Awards are given out at the State, Ministry and Home Team Department level.

We applaud all our outstanding individuals, our most dedicated volunteers, for their unwavering contributions to the work of the Home Team and the safety and security of Singapore.

Volunteers can be considered for the Singapore National Day Awards (an award presented at the State level), if they meet the prevailing guidelines. In addition to receiving a medal and a collar pin, award winners are also awarded titles that they can use in their professional lives, such as the Public Service Medal or Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (PBM) and Public Service Star or Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (BBM) titles following their names.

Instituted in 2011 by HTVN, the Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Home Team Volunteers) is presented to volunteers who have made consistent and significant contributions under the various Home Team volunteer schemes.

The award recognises the important role volunteers play in the Home Team.

Every year, eligible individuals serving on the various Home Team Boards/Councils/Committees (BCCs) will receive the Long Service Awards for their steadfast commitment, if they hit service milestones (at five-year intervals).

The respective Home Team Departments also give out awards to recognise the efforts of their volunteers. For more information, please refer to the Home Team Departments’ websites.