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Civilian Specialist Careers

For civilian specialists, the Home Team offers challenging opportunities for specialised vocations such as intelligence, commercial affairs and psychology. You'll work alongside uniformed officer as an indispensable part of the team responsible for Singapore’s safety and security.

As a specialist, you will bring deep knowledge in your specific area of expertise to your Home Team department, whether it is doing investigative work, providing insights and analysis, or enhancing our psychological services.

Use your skills and expertise for the important mission of keeping our nation safe and secure. Be a part of the action and make a difference today.


Find out more about the civilian specialist role in your domain:

Combine critical thinking with an investigative mindset to provide insights to potential threats and the likely impact to national security.

Agency: Central Narcotics Bureau, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison Service


Your Role

As a specialist in the intelligence domain, you will:

  • Provide critical analysis support and capability for the Police Intelligence Department (PID)
  • Process criminal intelligence from various sources
  • Assess operational strategies needed for immediate ground decisions in on-going intelligence operations
  • Analyse information by creating links and piecing seemingly unrelated data together to form a useful picture for law enforcement and policy formulation
  • Produce timely intelligence reports and make presentations to management

In addition, a Specialist Analyst will conduct research and produce actionable intelligence to support operations and investigations.

Investigate commercial crimes, analyse intelligence and formulate policies to safeguard Singapore’s integrity as a world-class financial and commercial centre. Your role includes investigating highly complex money laundering offences relating to transnational crimes, syndicated and institutional fraud.

Agency: Singapore Police Force


Your Role

As a Commercial Affairs Officer (CAO), you can look forward to a challenging and varied career in the Commercial Affairs Division (CAD).

You will take on different roles, including the following:

  • Investigate fraud or offences under the Banking Act and Finance Company Act, committed by employees of financial institutions
  • Assist in criminal legal proceedings arising from investigations
  • Evaluate recommendations made to the Attorney-General's Chambers on the appropriate actions against offenders
  • Participate in policy formulation
  • Keep abreast of relevant crime trends and proposing preventive measures

As a new CAO, you will go through structured training programmes to get up to speed on economic crime investigation and key legislation enforced by CAD.

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Work within a Home Team department or at Ministry headquarters and provide vital psychological assessments, psychological interventions, and scientific psychological and behavioural research. You will contribute to operational, organisational and policy decision-making for the Home Team departments and the Ministry.

Agency: Central Narcotics Bureau, Home Team Academy, MHA Headquarters (policy support), Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison Service


Your Role

You will be responsible for the application of psychological sciences in psychological assessment, intervention, research and development in new and existing programmes and services. Your work will help to improve the effectiveness of Home Team officers, the organisation and Home Team operations.

You can choose to specialise in the following fields:

  • Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Crisis Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology and Forensic-Clinical Psychology
  • Investigations, Criminal and Forensic Psychology
  • Industrial, Occupational, Organisational and Health Psychology
  • Communications and Cyber Psychology
  • Psychological Research and Development

Looking for science and technology specialisations? Visit the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) website to learn more.

Entry Requirements

You will need:

  • A degree in the relevant discipline

  • Experience in the relevant areas of specialisation (this will be an advantage)



As an MHA officer, you will receive competitive remuneration as well as a wide range of benefits and perks.

Leave & Medical

Vacation leave of 18 days
(21 days after 10 years of service)


Medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation


Study leave of 12 days (subject to approval)


Childcare leave


Parent-care leave


Leave for volunteering


Subsidised medical and dental care


Marriage/Child birth benefits


Eligibility for HomeTeam NS membership


Use of local and overseas holiday bungalows & chalets

Your Career Journey

You will be given specialised training and development opportunities to help you grow professionally.

Within your specialist domain, you'll also have opportunities for job rotations across the Home Team departments so you can develop an appreciation of Home Team operations and be able to contribute effectively.

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How to Apply

Learn about the job application process for MHA civilian careers and what to expect at each stage.

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