Countering the Financing of Terrorism

Singapore is committed to the fight against terrorism and its financing. To effectively deal with terrorism financing threats, Singapore has developed a robust strategy built on a well-organised network of government agencies, working in partnership with commercial and private parties.

As part of our efforts to counter terrorism, an Inter-Ministry Committee on Terrorist Designation (IMC-TD) was formed in 2012 to act as Singapore's authority for the designation of terrorists. Designation prohibits any person or entity from dealing with or providing any financial assistance to designated terrorists, as required under the Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act.

This Committee consists of members from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Commercial Affairs Department/Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and Attorney-General's Chambers.

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Lists of Terrorist Designations

The names of persons or entities who have been designated as terrorists are transmitted to the relevant government ministries and agencies, financial institutions and FATF DNFBPs.

You can also access them via the following:


What Happens Upon Listing and De-Listing

When a person or entity has been designated as a terrorist, all funds or assets are frozen and dealings with the designated subject and its funds or assets are prohibited with immediate effect.

Once they have been de-listed as a terrorist, the obligation to freeze no longer exists. The funds or assets that have been frozen can therefore be unfrozen.


Process of Listing and De-Listing

Appeal for De-Listing

A designated individual, group, undertaking or entity can submit a request to be de-listed.


The TSOFA is the domestic legislation to suppress the financing of terrorism.


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