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Ensuring Civil Defence and Emergency Preparedness

The Singapore Civil Defence (SCDF) provides firefighting, rescue, emergency medical services and hazardous materials mitigation. It also formulates, implements and enforces regulations on fire safety and civil defence shelter matters.


What We Do

The role of the SCDF is to provide:



Our laws on fire safety, civil defence and emergency preparedness include the following:



Civil Defence Shelter Programme

Building up our nation's civil defence preparedness, the programme protects the civilian population from weapon effects during a war emergency and is under the SCDF's umbrella of Total Defence.



The community plays a key role in SCDF’s Tiered Emergency Response Framework as our partner in delivering life-saving interventions to casualties. The MyResponder mobile app crowdsources lifesaving by alerting members of the public to nearby medical cases. These alerts will be further expanded to include fire cases.


Save-A-Life (SAL)

Launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, People's Association and Singapore Heart Foundation, the SAL initiative builds a network of community first responders who are trained in performing CPF and operating AEDs to respond to cardiac arrests in their immediate vicinity.


How You Can Do Your Part

If you are interested in civil defence, head to the SCDF website to find out how you can take precautions during peacetime and war time emergencies. You can also learn how to adopt fire safety measures and how to be a Community First Responder.


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