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Maintaining Law and Order

Singapore remains one of the safest places in the world. The 2020 Gallup Global Law and Order Report ranked Singapore first, for the seventh year running. Singapore was also ranked first in the 2020 World Justice Project Rule of Law Index in the area of “Order and Security”.

Public confidence in the Home Team also remains high, with nine in 10 Singapore residents agreeing that the Home Team has done well, and trust our officers to serve them with integrity.


What We Do

Singaporeans feel safe walking alone at night in their area because of the safety and security provided by our Home Team officers. MHA ensures the safety and security of Singapore through the Singapore Police Force.



Maintaining Public Order

Find out how MHA maintains public order through legislation, policies and initiatives.

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We strengthen legislation regularly to ensure that Singapore remains one of the safest countries in the world.

The legislative framework for policing includes:

The Penal Code is a key part of Singapore’s criminal law framework.

It was most recently amended by the Criminal Law Reform Act 2019 to enhance protection for vulnerable persons. New offences were created to deal with the abuse of vulnerable persons, and the maximum punishments were enhanced for offences committed against them.

The Penal Code was also updated to ensure the law remains up to date to tackle emerging crime trends. For example, specific laws on technology-related crimes such as voyeurism were introduced. Majority of the amendments came into force on 1 January 2020.

Public assemblies and processions are regulated under the  Public Order Act. It is a criminal offence to organise or participate in a public assembly without a Police permit.

The Public Order Act was most recently amended in 2017 as follows:

  • Organisers of events with large crowds, as well as events which are assessed to be of higher risk, will be required to put in place adequate security measures to protect events against security and public order threats.
  • Foreigners and foreign entities will not be granted Police permits for public assemblies and processions that are directed towards a political end, to prevent Singapore from being used as a platform to further their own political causes, or to interfere in our domestic politics.

The Road Traffic Act regulates road traffic and the use of motor vehicles on our roads. The Act was most recently amended in November 2019 to strengthen the traffic enforcement regime, and to update our legislative levers to ensure the continued safety of our roads.


  • For more information on the Singapore Police Force, please see: SPF website - Report crime, keep updated on crime and traffic advisories, and access Police e-Services.
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  • Use Your Road SenseSense - Follow the Singapore Traffic Police's Facebook page aimed at building a responsible culture of road-use in Singapore.


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