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Committee of Supply Debate 2024

cos2022 thumbnailThe Home Team continues to do well in keeping Singapore safe and secure. Singaporeans remain confident in the Home Team’s ability to carry out its mission fairly and effectively.

To tackle new and evolving threats and security challenges, the Home Team will:

  • Introduce the Maintenance of Racial Harmony Act in 2024.
  • Enhance Preventive Drug Education efforts and hold an annual commemoration of ‘Drug Victims Remembrance Day’.
  • Launch Corrections 2030 to support SPS’ efforts in reducing recidivism, prevent intergenerational offending and better support reintegration.
  • Strengthen recruitment efforts, improve officers’ remuneration, augment the Home Team’s resources, as well as leverage technology to enhance operational capabilities and service delivery.
  • Introduce legislative amendments and enhance efforts to combat scams.




Download our infographic (PDF, 641 KB) for an overview of MHA's COS announcements.

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