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Managing Prisons and Rehabilitation

MHA works closely with the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) and the Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) on the management of prisons, and the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders.

Together with our community partners, we are committed to rehabilitating offenders and reintegrating them as responsible and contributing members of society.


What We Do

We work towards giving offenders a second chance in life through:

Safe and Secure Custody - SPS ensures the safe and secure custody of offenders under their care.

Rehabilitation - We adopt a throughcare approach in the rehabilitation of offenders. That is, we address the risks and needs of offenders while they are in prison and follow through with them in the community after their release. Offenders are equipped with relevant knowledge and employable skills through various programmes such as psychology-based correctional programmes, education, family programmes, work programmes, skills training and religious services.

Reintegration - We help offenders reintegrate into the community upon their release. SPS places suitable offenders on community-based programmes that allow them to serve the remainder of their sentence in the community under supervision. Yellow Ribbon Singapore also provides job coaching, placement services and job retention support.


For the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, the legislative framework includes the following:



Singapore Prison Service

SPS has embarked on a new journey of transformation through the Corrections 2025 masterplan, which is aligned to the overall Home Team Transformation 2025 framework. SPS' Corrections 2025 masterplan encompasses three key strategies:

Yellow Ribbon Singapore

To help offenders reintegrate into the workforce, Yellow Ribbon Singapore adopts a seamless approach to prepare offenders for employment. The approach covers:


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