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Political Office Holders

Mr K Shanmugam

Mr K Shanmugam

Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Ms Josephine Teo

Mrs Josephine Teo

Minister for Digital Development and Information and Second Minister for Home Affairs

Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim

Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim

Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development


Ms Sun Xueling

Minister of State, Ministry of Social and Family Development and Ministry of Home Affairs


Senior Management

Mr Pang Kin Keong

Permanent Secretary (Home Affairs)

Mr Aubeck Kam

Permanent Secretary (Home Affairs Development)

Mr Ngiam Shih Chun

Deputy Secretary (Policy)                

Mr Chan Tsan

Deputy Secretary (Development)

Ms Jeannie Tan

Deputy Secretary (Corporate)


Mr Raja Kumar

Senior Advisor (International)

Mr Clarence Yeo

Senior Advisor (Special Duties)

Mr Ng Ser Song

Senior Advisor (Drugs and Advocacy)

Divisions in MHA HQ

We build and strengthen relationships between MHA and our internal, media and community stakeholders to ensure trust and confidence in the Home Team and support for our work in keeping Singapore safe and secure.

We provide financial and corporate services to support MHA and work with the Home Team agencies to improve our financial operations and resource utilisation. We also oversee estate planning for MHA HQ.

We partner our stakeholders to ensure effective people strategies that make the Home Team an employer of choice. We aim to build a competent workforce to ensure that the Home Team is operationally ready and prepared to manage security challenges.

We develop in-house medical capability to optimise operational readiness and promote healthy behaviours among officers and staff in the Home Team.

We use psychological sciences to support MHA HQ’s policy and operational needs. We leverage upon our understanding of psychological and behavioural sciences in the areas of leadership and talent assessment & development, mental health and well-being, criminal and rehabilitation psychology, and community crisis resilience and communications psychology. In addition, we provide leadership, governance, and support to the broader Home Team psychologist community who are based at the Home Team departments.

We safeguard and advance Singapore's homeland safety and security interests in the international arena, to protect our sovereignty while expanding opportunities to overcome our geographical limitations. We strive to maintain good relationships with our international law enforcement and security counterparts to encourage cooperation and keep our country safe and secure.

We are MHA's legal advisor. We provide legal assistance to advance and protect the legal interests of MHA HQ and our Home Team agencies.

We formulate and review operational policies, plans and strategies in law and order, public safety and security. We lead and coordinate operational efforts and capability development within the Home Team and across homefront agencies to prepare for, prevent, detect and mitigate safety and security threats, incidents or crises.

We develop strategic approaches towards resource management with the aim of optimising resource deployment, prioritising our needs, and maximising synergies across the Home Team. Our work supports the Home Team Departments in operational excellence, preparedness and building capabilities for the future.

We formulate policy and legislation, and oversee key safety and security programmes. These include safety and security policies, rehabilitation and criminal law policies, immigration and registration policies and other policy domains, such as gambling, maintenance of racial and religious harmony, and criminal justice.

We oversee the strategy development, master-planning and policy formulation in the use of Science and Technology to support the Home Team in carrying out its work. We secure and govern the proper use of MHA’s data and ICT assets. We develop and operate joint logistics systems to support our Home Team Departments’ operations.

We administer the Societies Act and Regulations. We also establish and administer a repository of documents and information submitted by registered societies and provide access to the public to such documents and information.

We provide timely research assessments that addresses MHA's near and long term objectives.

We seek to build an integrated and high performing audit and risk management function across MHA. We provide HTDs with guidance/advisory on RM and IA standards, processes and capabilities, and conduct independent reviews and audits. We also promote the deepening of risk management and audit expertise and manage the career development of the RM and IA talent pool.

In addition, we drive the development of tech solutions for RM and IA. We also establish collaborative partnerships with trusted stakeholders and experts through outreach programmes and risk culture building efforts.

We oversee training and learning frameworks, policies and standards in the Home Team. We also strengthen the training and learning ecosystem and build critical competencies to ensure that Home Team officers are well-equipped, both for their current work and future challenges.