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Choose from a wide range of volunteer schemes across the Home Team agencies to help keep Singapore safe and secure.

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Our volunteers work in support of, and alongside Home Team officers in Our Vision of A Trusted Home Team, A Safe and Secure Singapore

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Join many more like-minded Singaporeans! Our volunteers come from all walks of life.

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About the Home Team Volunteer Network


Formed on 15 July 2011, the Home Team Volunteer Network (HTVN) unifies and brings together the diverse volunteers from across the Home Team.

HTVN’s 15,000 volunteers serve in roles ranging from volunteering in frontline roles such as enforcing law and order or fire-fighting, to other roles such as sharing tips on how to stay drug-free or providing support for victims of crimes. We aim to make our volunteers’ journey with the Home Team meaningful and fulfilling.

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Why Volunteer with Us

Learn Valuable Skills

Learning a new skill is the top reason why volunteers sign up with the HTVN. Pick up new skills or hone your existing skills in new ways. You'll receive the training you need to contribute effectively.

Do Meaningful Work

Take up frontline roles as diverse as saving lives, safeguarding the community, or educating the public about security concerns, and befriending and providing support to offenders and ex-offenders. It all depends on your interests!

Forge New Bonds

While many of our volunteers join and serve together with friends and family members, over time, they have also forged new friendships with others they volunteer alongside with. Volunteering in the HT is indeed a meaningful way to meet and bond with like-minded people while helping others.

Be Recognised and Rewarded

We appreciate all our volunteers’ contributions! To show our appreciation, we regularly conduct appreciation events and volunteer engagement activities – both physically, and now, virtually too! Some of our volunteers have even gone on to receive state level awards, which are given to those with exemplary contributions to the nation.

Do Your Part for Safety and Security

Volunteering with HTVN lets you contribute directly to the safety and security of our nation, the community and your loved ones. You'll play a part in the Home Team's vital mission and use your skills to make a real difference.

Be A Part of Something Bigger

When you volunteer with any Home Team Department, you're automatically part of the 15,000-strong HTVN. Your efforts matter and help keep Singapore safe and secure, across the various domains.

Home Team Connects

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Every month, HTVN will push out a Home Team Connects e-newsletter issue where HTVN covers interesting updates and stories on HTVN and Home Team agencies related matters. Read them here: 

Joining CDAU has allowed me to equip myself with specialized knowledge and skills, as well as the opportunity to contribute back to my community.

SGT 2 (V) John Joel Seow

Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit

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I take pride in working with the regular officers, PNSFs, PNSmen and civilian staff to maintain law and order, and to keep Singapore safe. I also enjoy interacting with members of the public during our patrols and roadshows. I feel I am part of a larger family and this keeps inspiring me to do my best.

ASP (V) Seah Ching San, Paul

Volunteer Special Constabulary and Honorary Officer, National Police Cadet Corps

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There's a place for everyone and as a volunteer, we can help reintegrate ex-offenders back into society by spreading messages of second chances.

Jenap M. Said

Yellow Ribbon Project

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Ready to Do Your Part?

Nine in 10 volunteers say they have a good volunteering experience with the Home Team Volunteer Network. If you have the passion and commitment, you can make a difference and be part of something bigger.  Join us today!