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How to Apply for a MHA Scholarship

Get an overview of each step in the MHA scholarship application process. Pick up some tips from past scholars on how to prepare so you can do your best.

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Submit your application
Sep to Mar

Apply through the Apply Now link on the individual scholarship pages. You’ll get to indicate your preferred Home Team Department and career track at a later stage.

Scholar's tip: Start early, be organised. Collate a list of required documents and take note of the deadline. Do start on your essay early. This gives you time to refine your submission.

Go through selection and assessment
Mar to Jun

If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted to go for a psychometric test, which is meant to assess your general, verbal and numerical reasoning abilities and to give a rounded view of your psychological profile.

This is also when you can indicate your preferred Home Team Department and career track.

Scholar's tip: There is no need to prepare or revise anything for the psychometric test. Ensure that you have had a good night’s sleep and come for the test with a clear mind.

Attend the board interview
Mar to Jun

If you are shortlisted, we will contact you for a board interview with a panel of senior officers from various Home Team agencies.

The panel interview is a chance for both sides to get to know each other. Be ready to field questions from the different agencies, including your preferred choices.

Scholar's tip:

Before the Board Interview

  • Research and read up. It is important to equip yourself with some knowledge of the organisation to show your desire and passion to be part of it.
  • Stay updated and relevant. Read widely so that you can share well-informed perspectives of issues of the day.

During the Board Interview

  • Portray confidence and enthusiasm. Articulate and communicate clearly with the interviewers. Remember, they are asking you questions to get to know you better.
  • Be sincere, be genuine, be yourself! A candid response can display your growth-mindset and demonstrate your sense of self-awareness and honesty.
Receive the offer
Jun to Jul

If you passed the Board Interview stage, you will receive a provisional offer. Your scholarship will be confirmed after you have met all the conditions, including:

  • Medical clearance
  • Security clearance
  • Good NS performance (for male applicants)
  • University placement

If you are a male applicant who is still serving your NS, you need to meet all criteria before proceeding for your undergraduate study.

Scholar's tip: Be patient. MHA conducts stringent checks on all our applicants, so it might take some time for the security screening process.

Attend the award ceremony

You’ll be invited to attend the Singapore Police Force and MHA Scholarships Award Ceremony. It’s your chance to meet fellow Home Team scholars from your batch, as well as past scholars and senior management.

Scholar's tip: It's a good idea to keep in touch with your batch mates. Past batches have even set up group chats to share their experiences and support each other in the scholarship journey.