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Career Transition for Retiring and Retired Officers

If you are a retiring or retired Home Team officer, it's time to think about what life after the Home Team will mean for you. You could be taking on a new role in a new industry, starting your own business, or simply slowing down and working part time.

To help you in your journey, the Home Team Career Resource and Transition Office offers support and services specially designed for retiring and retired officers. You'll find many opportunities to build on your current skills as well as courses and guidance for your job search.

Start preparing early. Make the most of this new phase in your life so that your retirement can be as meaningful as your Home Team career.


Career Transition Roadmap

The MHA 5-year Career Transition Roadmap for Uniformed Services prepares you to transition to another career after retirement from the uniformed services. The process starts 5 years before you retire and includes:

  • Preparing you psychologically
  • Support for learning, training and development
  • Facilitating your job search


About us

The Home Team Career Resource and Transition Office prepares and facilitates Home Team Officers to find a career beyond the Home Team.



Our people thriving beyond MHA, enabled by career transition efforts



To inspire and enable our people to embark on a proactive journey towards positive career transitions