Maintaining Public Order

Maintaining public order and stability, in accordance with the rule of law, is important to our economic survival and international standing.

We maintain a strong legal framework comprising laws such as the Public Order Act to prevent and deter any attempts to disrupt social harmony, stability or public peace. Our legislation and law enforcement measures fully comply with our domestic and international legal obligations.

Our laws and policies balance the competing interests of ensuring adequate space for the individual’s rights of speech, assembly and political expression, with the need to maintain public order and stability in our multi-racial, multi-religious and densely populated city state.

This is a balance that must be determined by Singaporeans alone, taking into account our broader historical and societal context.


Public Assemblies and Processions

Under the Public Order Act, a Police permit is required for a public assembly/procession if the purpose of the event is to:

Read about the policies for different types of assemblies and processions:


Apply for a Permit

To apply for a Police permit for an assembly/procession, visit the GoBusiness Licensing portal.