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Securing Our Borders

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is responsible for securing Singapore's borders against the entry of undesirable people and cargo through land, air and sea checkpoints.

ICA also administers immigration and registration services, such as issuing passports and identity cards to Singapore citizens, and immigration passes and permits to foreigners. As a security agency, we enforce laws and regulations relating to immigration and registration.


What We Do

ICA keeps our borders safe and secure against the entry of undesirable persons and cargo through our land, sea and air checkpoints.

ICA also performs national registration functions, oversees the issuance of immigration and travel documents for Singaporeans and foreign visitors, and conducts operations against immigration offenders.


Our laws on immigration, registration and checkpoints include the following:


We are constantly working to enhance our operational excellence and capabilities. Our latest initiatives include leveraging technology to improve the delivery of immigration and checkpoint services, so that we can provide a hassle-free experiences to our customers and reduce the reliance on manpower.

Some of our technological developments include:


From 2023, a new 24-hour Integrated Services Centre equipped with iSmart-enabled self-service kiosks will allow individuals to collect their documents such as passports within 15 minutes. It will provide a convenient, one-stop service for members of the public.

BioScreen-Multi Modal Biometric Screening System

Since 2016, a biometric screening system has been deployed at all checkpoints to capture and verify the thumbprint, facial and iris information of visitors arriving and departing from Singapore. Travellers can be authenticated using any of the 3 biometric identifiers. This makes it more accurate and makes immigration clearance more efficient for travellers who may face difficulties using their fingerprints.

Automated Border Control System (ABCS)

From 2022, travelling Singaporeans will no longer need to produce their passports at immigration control. They can be identified instead through facial and iris biometrics. This will provide a seamless, secure and efficient immigration clearance process, as well as delivery of services, for Singaporeans, residents and travellers.

Electronic Arrival Card and e-Pass

By 2021, paper-based arrival cards will be replaced by electronic arrival cards which visitors can submit online or through their mobile phone. The electronic arrival card is part of ICA’s efforts to enhance the immigration clearance process for foreign visitors to Singapore, and is a significant step towards ICA’s vision of paperless immigration clearance.


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