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MHA Statement on Court Of Appeal’s Judgement on Dan Tan’s Appeal

Published: 25 November 2015

1. The Court of Appeal this morning released its judgement on the case of Dan Tan Seet Eng who appealed for a review of his detention under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions Act) [CLTPA]. The Court of Appeal determined that the detention could not be justified as the grounds of detention did not suggest Dan Tan’s activities had a bearing on the public safety, peace and good order within Singapore. The Court of Appeal therefore ruled that Dan Tan should be freedDan Tan was released from the Supreme Court earlier today.


2. Our law enforcement agencies began investigating into Dan Tan's case in 2011, when he was repeatedly cited in Italian court papers for his involvement in transnational criminal activities, in the form of match-fixing. Mr Ronald Noble, then Secretary-General for INTERPOL, said that Dan Tan was the "mastermind and leader of the world's most notorious match-fixing syndicate", with "tentacles reaching every continent".


3. Dan Tan was subsequently detained under the CLTPA in October 2013 for being the leader and financier of a global criminal syndicate that conducted match-fixing operations out of Singapore. Investigations indicated that Tan had an extensive network of people under his control – many of whom were recruited in, and directed out of Singapore.


4. We will carefully consider what needs to be done in the current situation. The Ministry of Home Affairs will study the judgement carefully and assess further steps.


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