Launch of Singapore Road Safety Month 2021 - Speech by Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development

Published: 28 May 2021


1.      Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to launch this year’s Singapore Road Safety Month.


2.      Our roads have become safer over the years. From 2010 to 2019, the annual number of traffic fatalities has dropped by almost 40%, from 193 fatalities in 2010 to 118 fatalities in 2019. The number of fatalities decreased further to 85 in 2020, although this was partly due to the COVID-19 situation when there was less traffic, especially during the Circuit Breaker period.

Multi-pronged Approach to Road Safety

3.      This improvement in road safety is due to the three-pronged approach of education, engagement and enforcement taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Traffic Police (TP), together with stakeholders, including the Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC).

4.      For education, TP conducts regular educational activities for the local communities. In addition, road safety advice and educational videos are frequently shared on TP’s online learning portal to promote continuous learning.

5.      For engagement, TP conducts road safety campaigns, such as the “Singapore Ride Safe” campaign, to raise awareness on the dangers of speeding and to remind motorists to adhere to speed limits. In view of COVID-19, TP leveraged the “Use your RoadSense” campaign where we used a Facebook page to maintain its public outreach in 2020. Animated videos were published to remind motorists to adopt safe driving habits such as not to tailgate, and to be alert while driving.

6.      For enforcement, MHA has been reviewing our laws to ensure that they remain up-to-date. Just a few weeks ago, Parliament passed amendments to the Singapore Road Traffic Act to enhance penalties for illegal speed trials, helmet-related offences, and road rage. We also introduced a theory test for the use of Power Assisted Bicycles.

7.      TP has also stepped up enforcement and expanded its enforcement camera network. There are now close to 300 traffic enforcement cameras deployed to detect and deter speeding and red-light running.

Singapore Road Safety Month

8.      The Singapore Road Safety Month is an integral part of our strategy in education and engagement. This year’s Singapore Road Safety Month will feature:
         a.      Firstly, new road safety videos on speeding and red-light running; and 
         b.      Secondly, the “Spot the Safe Motorist” programme.

9.      The road safety videos aim to raise awareness on speeding and red-light running. The videos highlight the negative consequences of these offences. This allows individuals to understand the seriousness of the offence and what should have been done instead to prevent accidents. 

10.      In addition, SRSC and TP will launch the “Spot the Safe Motorist” programme to encourage motorists to be alert and courteous while driving. TP patrol officers will stop the motorists who exhibit good driving behaviours, not to give them a ticket, but to reward them with a COVID-19 Care Pack. These motorists will also have their photos taken and posted on SRSC’s Facebook Page.


11.      Road safety is a shared responsibility, and everyone should continue to play their part. I encourage all citizens to take part actively in these activities, and practise good road safety behaviours.

12.      Thank you.