How MHA Works

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Seven Departments. Two Statutory Boards. One Home Team.

Each has a specific role and responsibility but all share a common mission and vision. All Home Team Departments and agencies work as one with our community, to keep Singapore safe and secure​

How We Work Together

The Home Team concept was launched in 1997. It centres around the idea that agencies in the Home Team perform various roles but are committed to a common mission to keep Singapore safe and secure.

The Home Team comprises ten agencies:

  • 01 Ministry HQ
  • 07 Departments
  • 02 StatBoards

We work in close partnership with the community to keep our home safe and secure.

As one Home Team, we serve with determination, pride and passion, guided always by our core values of Honour and Unity.

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Our Leaders

MHA Management Team 


Do you know the MHA Story?

Though its days as the centre of homefront security or as the seat of power for the British during colonial times have long past, MHA Headquarters still stands testament to a rich heritage of perseverance and dedication to safeguarding Singapore’s security. The timeline below summarises some of the key milestones of MHA HQ.


The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) was set up when Singapore attained self-governance


Singapore joined the Federation of Malaysia and internal security (or Home Affairs) became a federal responsibility


Singapore gained independence. Home Affairs came under the purview of the Ministry of Interior and Defence (MID) and returned to its Empress Place address


Home Affairs and Defence became separate Ministries. MHA remained at Pearl's Hill


MHA moved to Phoenix Park at Tanglin Road


MHA, together with Police Headquarters, moved to its current premises at New Phoenix Park at 28 Irrawaddy Road

Always Innovating to keep Singapore Safe and Secure

The Home Team is constantly on the look-out for new and better ways to keep Singapore safe and secure. Innovation and new technology allow us to stay relevant and adapt to the ever-changing security landscape and new challenges that come our way. Find out more here.

Last Updated on 09 Oct 2017
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