Community Engagement

Community self-help and mutual support strengthen social cohesion and make a harmonious community. Our community engagement efforts bring together Home Team officers and members of society so that we can work hand in hand to contribute to a safe and secure Singapore for all. Some of the Home Team’s community involvement initiatives can be found here.

The Home Team Volunteer Network (HTVN) also plays an active role in community outreach. Our volunteers come from different spheres of the community and serve on MHA Boards, Councils and Committees or participate in various frontline volunteer programmes.

The Community Safety and Security Programme (CSSP) is an example of community self-help and partnership between the community, the grassroots, the partner agencies and the Home Team to make Singapore Safe and secure. CSSP provides a platform for the grassroots and residents to work together with the Home Team and other relevant agencies to tackle issues and problems affecting the local neighbourhood. Some of these programmes include the Citizens on Patrol and the Neighbourhood Watch Zones.
SGSecure is a national movement to sensitise, train and mobilise our community to play a part to prevent and deal with a terrorist attack. It is how the whole of Singapore can come together in response to the terror threat, and safeguard our way of life. Government’s response alone is not enough. Every member of the community must do his part by staying alert to ever-present security threats, staying united during peacetime and in crisis, and staying strong to be resilient and bounce back quickly in a crisis. For more information, visit
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