How to Get Involved

How do you participate?

CSSP is for anyone interested in making his neighbourhood and Singapore a safer place to live in - for himself, his family and friends.

To start a CSSP project, first identify your community's main safety and security concerns. 

  • Is there a prevalence in crime?
  • Are there concerns of fire hazards in your block?
  • Is there a concern with the general emergency preparedness of the occupants in your building?

These are just some examples of the type of questions you should ask yourself. Prioritize your concerns.

You can contact any of the following offices for help to work on an action plan to tackle the issue:

  1. Community Development Councils (CDCs)
  2. Citizens Consultative Committees (CCCs)
  3. Residents'/Neighbourhoods' Committees (RCs/NCs)
  4. Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) or Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP)
  5. SCDF Fire Stations

Don't wait. Start TODAY!


Checklist to start a CSSP Initiative

Step 1: Describe Your Community.

  • What are your community concerns and needs?
    You need to identify the key concerns and needs of the community, through either formal (survey or questionnaires) or informal (talking to your neighbours or attending local house visits and residents' dialogue sessions) ways.
  • What are your priorities?
    It is important to narrow down to the root causes of you and your community's concerns. In the event when there are multiple concerns that requires attention, it would be good to prioritise them in terms of urgency and impact of the concerns.

You and your community would need to identify and seek help from the relevant agencies which can help solve your concern. Examples include grassroots organisations, residents, the Home Team department and other relevant agencies. In addition, you should also encourage your neighbours to help.

Step 3: Action Plan.

You and your community would next have to create a set of actions needed to address your concern/s and document it. After solving it, you and your community may like to evaluate the solution to see if there are any areas where you can improve on.

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