MHA Career Transition Programmes

The MHA 5-year Career Transition Roadmap for Uniformed Services aims to facilitate officers' transition to another career after retirement from the uniformed services. The framework below illustrates the objectives and initiatives of the Roadmap.


Roadmap for HUS Officers

Under this roadmap, officers are eligible for these schemes and programmes:

  • Enabler Scheme

    This scheme provides paid days-off and subsidies for officers to engage in a variety of career transition activities, such as external courses to learn new skills.

  • Pre-Retirement Employment Programme

    This programme enables officers to work for a private sector or public sector employer, or begin their full-time course in a local or overseas tertiary institution, for up to 90 days prior to their retirement.

  • In-House Courses

    In-house courses are centrally organised for officers to improve their employment prospects and prepare them for a second career after retirement from the uniformed services. This include resume writing, job interview techniques, networking skills and financial planning workshops.

  • Networking Sessions & Career Summit

    We provide officers with opportunities to learn more about potential employers in different industries and network with them. This also includes sessions dedicated to entrepreneurship.

  • Career Advisory Services

    We partner Workforce Singapore as well as some private providers to offer officers 1-on-1 career guidance and advice. Job-matching services are available too.

To find out more about these programmes under the 5-year roadmap, please contact your Career Resource and Transition Representative in your Home Team Department or contact us.

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