Scientists and Engineers Track

Scientists and engineers will join the Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters as Home Team Specialists at the Office of the Chief Science and Technology Officer (OCSTO) and at the Ops-Tech Group (in the engineering track only). The specialists work closely with the Home Team Departments to develop technologies which augment operations and build critical in-house capabilities and strategic facilities.

Scientists at the OCSTO are deployed throughout the Home Team's network of scientific facilities, with specialised functions aimed at using science and technology to aid frontline operations.

...the specialists in the Ministry of Home Affairs will sharpen their skillsets and deepen their expertise.

Engineers at the OCSTO and at the Ops-Tech Group take on engineering research and experimentation. Their work harnesses ICT for Home Team operations by developing cross-cutting operational systems and new operating strategies that leverage technology.


The specialists at Ministry Headquarters will be able to deepen their expertise through specialisation and professional development opportunities. Officers will also have the opportunity to participate in collaborations with external agencies, academia and partners both locally and globally.

Interested candidates need to possess a degree or diploma in science such as Chemistry, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and a degree in engineering related disciplines such as Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Science. Prior relevant experience in these fields would be an advantage.

Interested applicants may submit their applications and resumes for advertised positions via Careers@Gov.

Building and Infrastructure Track

Home Team Specialists in the building and Infrastructure track work closely with other Home Team specialists to ensure the smooth implementation of new construction projects and the effective functioning of  Home Team facilities. They do this by providing technical advice and project managing the construction of new building projects or the upgrading and retrofitting of existing facilities. This will provide a rewarding career for candidates hoping to have a career in building and infrastructure management.

Interested candidates would therefore need to possess a degree or diploma in building construction related disciplines, such as:

  • Architecture
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

In addition to providing policy/technical advice, they also:

  • Help to ensure that MHA’s construction projects and facilities management are implemented smoothly.
  • Provide specialist guidance ranging from planning, scheduling and budgeting at the project initiation stages, through to the design and construction management stages.
  • Manage procurement activities of consultants, contractors or other specialised vendors, right up to the handover of the facilities when ready for operations.

Prior relevant experience either in a consultancy  or construction firm, or with a developer would be an advantage.

Suitable training will be provided to equip staff with the relevant knowledge to function in the public sector. Other training for the purpose of continuing professional development to keep up with the developments in the building and construction industry will also be provided.

Officers will be expected to work in different project teams, together with the user departments and the consultancy team to realise the completion of each project.

Interested applicants may submit their applications and resumes for advertised positions via Careers@Gov.

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