Be a Guardian of Our Home. Your Leadership Journey Begins Here.

The MHA scholarship is more than just a study award for a world-class education at the top local and overseas universities. It offers you the opportunity to directly contribute to the safety and security of our nation. Do you have what it takes to be a Guardian of Singapore? Come join us for a rewarding career in the Home Team!

MHA Scholarships

Home Team Scholarships (Uniformed)

The Home Team Scholarships provides you with the opportunity to undertake undergraduate studies in an overseas or local university. Upon your return, you will be placed on a dynamic career path, and groomed to be a leader in one of the Home Team departments (Singapore Police Force, Singapore Defence Force, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore Prison Service, Central Narcotics Bureau).

MHA Merit Scholarship (Civilian)

MMS holders can choose to embark on a generalist (Home Affairs Senior Executive) or specialist (Psychologist, Science & Technology, Intelligence, Commercial Affairs) depending on their inclination, career preference and course of study. 

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View/Download our Brochures for more information regarding the Home Team Uniformed Scholarship  and MHA Merit Scholarship.


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Be a Guardian of our HOME!



Your Leadership Journey Begins Here as a Home Affairs Senior Executive!



A Science & Technology career in the Home Team

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