PSC Scholarships (Engineering)

The Home Team (HT) is embracing science and technology in a substantial way to address emerging and increasingly complex security threats and challenges. It is critical for MHA to build a group of HT ops-tech / engineering leaders who are strong both in technology and fully attuned to our operational needs, and are able to integrate cutting-edge technologies into HT operations to support our mission of keeping Singapore safe and secure, 

MHA is looking at candidates who are interested in the application of engineering and technology in the homefront security domain (e.g. C4I Systems, Surveillance Systems, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE), Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition Technolgy.)

Embark on a mission with the Home Team through the PSC Scholarship (Engineering) - Defence & Security Cluster to pursue a world-class university education in science and technology. Upon completion of your studies, you will leverage on your expertise and play critical roles in the development of leading-edge science and technological capabilities in the Home Team.

Eligibility HTST
Value of Award HTST
countries and courses SMS

Most countries. 

Course of Study: 

Computer Science / Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Engineering Science, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Materials Engineering, Information Systems & Communication Technology,  Physics and Mathematics

Condition of Award

You will be bonded for five years (for studies in non-English-speaking countries) or six years (for studies in English-speaking countries), commencing on the day they assume official duty after completing your studies.

career dev
The career progression of PSC (Engineering) scholars tied to MHA will generally be aligned with that of PSC (Open) scholars. They will be emplaced on the HT Specialist Scheme (HTSS) upon starting work in MHA. Their postings will be managed by MHA.

In the first 4 years of their career, the PSC (Engineering) scholars will go through foundational training in ops-tech / engineering solutioning and project management, as well as gain exposure to the HT's operating context. The officers will spend their first 2 years in the Home Team Departments (e.g. SPF, SCDF technology departments) where they will gain an in-depth appreciation of the HT's operating challenges and technology implementations and project management issues in the ground units. Thereafter, they will spend 2 years in MHA-HQ (e.g. Ops-Tech Group) where they will be given the opportunity to work on ops-tech / engineering planning issues at the whole-of-HT level, as well as exposure to MHA-HQ senior management. Te officers can be considered for emplacement on the PSLP Sectoral Phase (Security - Science & Technology) at the end of the first 4 years, subject to them meeting the nomination criteria. 

They will subsequently be sponsored for specialized postgraduate programmes in relevant technology fields and serve various ops-tech / engineering-related postings in MHA-HQ and the HTDs, which will systematically develop them for the apex leadership job of the HT ops-tech / engineering track.

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