Why Take Up Our Sponsorship?

For Diploma and Higher NITEC students, a Home Team sponsorship supports your studies and opens up opportunities for you to grow in your learning and your career.


Be financially independent

We cover your full-time Polytechnic or ITE education, including tuition fees, monthly allowance and study bonuses (for Diploma schemes).


Jumpstart your career

Upon graduation, look forward to a dynamic and fulfilling career as a uniformed officer with the Home Team department of your choice.


Take your learning further

You’ll have the chance to acquire new skills and upgrade your academic qualifications as you progress with the Home Team.

Explore Sponsorships

Home Team Diploma Sponsorship

For outstanding polytechnic students. We cover your 3-year full-time diploma education in any local polytechnic.

Home Team ITE Sponsorship

For outstanding Higher NITEC students. We sponsor your education in the ITE.

How to Apply

Find out the steps in the Home Team sponsorship application process, what to expect at each stage and how to prepare so you can do your best.

Life In The Home Team

Get to know our sponsorship recipients and find out what working in the Home Team is really like.