Committee of Supply Debate 2018


Singapore continues to be one of the safest cities in the world. Public trust and confidence in the Home Team continue to be high. The global security landscape has however become more complex and volatile. Securing a safer Singapore requires sustained efforts on multiple fronts.

MHA must do all we can to protect our people. It is our responsibility and accountability to deal with terrorist threats in the homeland. To safeguard our social harmony, the Home Team will consider whether we need to strengthen existing levers to safeguard against divisiveness and the threat of social segregation. We will continue to review and improve our criminal justice system, especially to enhance victim care and protect vulnerable groups.

To prepare ourselves to deal with future threats and challenges, the Home Team will continue to maintain our operational readiness and enhance our capabilities by leveraging technology, investing in our officers, and deepening our partnership with the community.

Singapore’s drug laws and strategy remain relevant and important to our context. Our approach is holistic, with an emphasis on the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders, tough laws and strict enforcement.


Download our infographics (.pdf, 5mb) for a quick summary and overview of MHA's COS announcements.

Last Updated on 20 Nov 2018
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