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All About the Mission (2022 – Part 2)

Six recipients of the National Day Awards Investiture share their commitment in keeping Singapore safe and secure.
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GRAPHIC: Joash Tan

Asyraf Abdul Hamid
Senior Assistant Executive, Home Team Academy (HTA) Centre for Home Team Foundation Training and Heritage; recipient of the Efficiency Medal

Asyraf leverages technology to make the Home Team Gallery a Smart Gallery of the future.

NDAI 2022 PT 2 HTA SPF 02
Asyraf Abdul Hamid at the Home Team Gallery. PHOTO: Arvind s/o Chan

Tell us about yourself and what your current role entails.
I started my Home Team journey in 2013 with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) Training Command. After three years, I was posted to HTA where I am now part of the Centre for Home Team Foundation Training & Heritage (CFTH). I assist with operating the Home Team Gallery, managing the Home Team heritage collections as well as running CFTH milestone training courses.

What has been a memorable part of your HT career thus far?
That has to be the completion of the revamped Home Team Gallery. HTA builds a One Home Team mindset and identity among Home Team officers, with shared values, ethos and ethics – and the Home Team Gallery is one key training platform that enables us to do so. 

The revamp process was like a roller coaster ride, having to work around unforeseeable labour and supply chain disruptions. And for me especially, I felt emotional seeing the old gallery which we were very familiar with, being torn down. At the same time, I was excited to implement the Smart Gallery and new installations.

NDAI 2022 PT 2 HTA SPF 03
Asyraf operating one of the Gallery’s exhibit. PHOTO: Arvind s/o Chan

Share with us what the Smart Gallery is all about!
The Smart Gallery is our vision of an intelligent gallery that leverages technology for efficiency. To enhance the experience of visitors in booking visits and seeking information on the gallery, I led a project to roll out an e-appointment system. This system automates booking functions and handling queries, and frees up manpower to attend to higher value work requiring human intervention.  

Another project that I am working on is building a robot concierge for the gallery in collaboration with HTX. This robot helps facilitate gallery tours and serves to better manage the deployment of manpower resources.

What do you enjoy about working in the Home Team?
The collaborative environment where everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the same mission. This truly creates a culture where everybody is there for each other.

My teammates care about me as a person and my bosses look out for my professional growth. There is a genuine spirit of camaraderie, and my colleagues are like my second family.

- Interviewed and written by Arvind s/o Chan

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Yim Yew Fye, Winston
Commanding Officer, Police Security Command, Singapore Police Force (SPF); recipient of the Commendation Medal

DSP Yim is motivated to continually look for new solutions in ensuring the safety of local and foreign VVIPs as well as that of his own officers.

NDAI 2022 PT 2 HTA SPF 04
DSP Winston Yim. PHOTO: Benedict Kok

What inspired you to pursue a career with SPF?
It was my childhood ambition to join SPF to help combat crime and serve my country. I am proud to play a part in keeping Singapore safe and secure.

Share with us how your SPF journey has been, what have been the most significant changes you observed over nearly three decades of your service?
When I first joined the SPF in 1993, most of the policing operations such as processing of police reports and investigation papers were carried out manually. However, within a span of 10 to 15 years, I have witnessed the implementation of new technologies across various policing functions. By leveraging the use of technology, our work processes have been streamlined.

Experiencing SPF’s technological evolution has been an exhilarating journey for me. Through my interactions with many other foreign enforcement agencies, I am proud to know that the SPF and the Home Team are one of the best adopters of technology for our daily work and operations.

How are you involved in tech projects?
As the Commanding Officer of the Search Cadre Unit, I lead a team of Personal Security Officers (PSOs) to conduct searches in areas where major events are scheduled to be held, to ensure that there are no security threats that will endanger VIPs, guests and participants. Some of the search areas conducted include underground facilities and high-rise rooftops which are physically challenging or even hazardous for us to enter. 

NDAI 2022 PT 2 HTA SPF 05
Officers deploying an RCV at an underground facility. PHOTO: SPF

To address this, we have been collaborating with the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) to develop and deploy Remote-Controlled Vehicles (RCVs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to help us perform these search operations since 2019. The use of robotics and automation enhances officers’ safety, operational effectiveness, and efficiency during our search operations.

What do you count as the most memorable moment you’ve had during your time in SecCom?
I have had many memorable moments during my time in SecCom. From protecting VVIPs to conducting search operations both abroad and locally, I always had an immense sense of satisfaction knowing that I play a part in safeguarding our country’s peace and security.

What motivates you at work?
The successful launch of the RCVs and drones is just the beginning of an exciting journey to look for new ways, methods, and tools to solve challenging and complex work processes. I am proud to have the support of my colleagues whom I can rely on to deliver results every single day. The trust and support from my senior management has motivated me to explore unconventional ways to enhance our officers’ safety and address challenges on the ground. 

- Interviewed and written by Benedict Kok

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Ministry of Home Affairs National Day Awards 2022 Investiture
The Ministry of Home Affairs’ National Day Awards Investiture is an annual event to recognise deserving Home Team officers for their contribution and commitment in keeping Singapore safe and secure. A total of 918 awardees received the medals this year. Read the speech by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minster for Communications and Information & Second Minister for Home Affairs.

Written by

Arvind s/o Chan and Benedict Kok


22 December 2022

Science and Technology
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