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All in a Day’s Work: Safeguarding our Waters

As frontliners protecting our coastline, officers in the Police Coast Guard (PCG) like Station Inspector (SI) See Toh Jie Lun go above and beyond to ensure that no crime goes undetected in Singapore’s territorial waters.
SPF PCG SI See Toh 01
SI See Toh Jie Lun, Assistant Crew Commander, PCG. PHOTOS: Phoebe Leow

On 4 August 2022, the Police arrested 10 men, aged between 22 and 48, for their suspected involvement in an illegal transaction of Marine Gas Oil (MGO) during a joint operation with the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA). 

Six men, who were crew members of a Singapore-registered tugboat, allegedly misappropriated and sold the MGO, while four men were crew members of a foreign-registered tugboat, purportedly bought the MGO.   

SPF PCG SI See Toh 02
The foreign-registered tugboat involved in the illegal transaction of MGO. PHOTO: SPF

SI See Toh, Assistant Crew Commander with the Police Coast Guard (PCG), was part of the operation that effected the swift arrest of the men and seized the tugboat as well as $8,000 cash. SI See Toh shares his experience with us.

Please describe how the case was uncovered and what did you find at the scene.
SI See Toh: Acting on information received, MPA and PCG conducted a joint operation on two tugboats that were suspected to be illegally transacting MGO.

Besides MGO, we found large quantities of cash used for the payment of the stolen MGO onsite.

What was vital to the swift arrest?
SI See Toh: Investigating and handling suspects is a key part of policing work we undertake to get to the bottom of truth. Initially, the suspects were rather calm and feigned ignorance. 

Our officers had to be sharp and ask incisive questions to get more details, and only then we were able to call their bluff. The 10 men eventually confessed and subsequently cooperated with police investigations.        

SPF PCG SI See Toh 03
SI See Toh operating the radio set onboard the police craft.

How is this case different compared to others that you've handled?
SI See Toh: Such crimes are not unusual. To crack down on these crimes, time is of the essence. Hence, it is essential for PCG to work closely with our maritime partners to combat crimes happening in Singapore’s territorial waters.

How does PCG safeguard our waters?
SI See Toh: Security checks and patrols are part and parcel of our daily duties. PCG also conducts frequent high visibility patrol in crime-prone waters to safeguard Singapore’s territorial waters. 

SPF PCG SI See Toh 04
SI See Toh checking the arms on deck.

How do you feel about this incident?
SI See Toh: I am glad to have gained valuable experience from conducting such joint operations as it has trained me to be more vigilant in safeguarding our waters. As a frontliner, I feel proud to be able to play a part and contribute to the safety and security of Singapore.

Written by

Phoebe Leow


4 November 2022

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