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Be A Guardian: Ready to Make a Difference

As Diandrea Ho learnt during her internship at ICA, Transformation is a priority on the frontlines and behind the scenes.
GRAPHIC: Phylicia Poon

Be A Guardian
showcases fulfilling career, scholarship and sponsorship opportunities in the Home Team.

Drawn to the Transformation efforts of the Home Team and the possibilities of making a difference where it counts, Home Team Scholarship recipient Diandrea Ho is looking forward to joining the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) after completing her university studies.

What are you currently studying?
I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics at Singapore Management University (SMU).

What drew you to apply for a Home Team Scholarship?

I’ve always had an inclination for a career in the Public Service. The opportunity to take up a Home Team Scholarship appealed to me because I feel a strong sense of mission for safeguarding Singapore and ensuring the safety of Singaporeans, especially given the current heightened security climate. I’m also drawn to the possibilities of employing technology and innovation to develop new capabilities and to enhance security and efficiency.

You’ve had internship opportunities with ICA during your studies. How has this experience been for you?
During my school break, I did an internship with ICA’s Airport Command and had the chance to go on frontline attachments and assist with various projects. One project involved internal communications processes while another was focused on manpower deployment. I studied the working pattern of officers and proposed solutions to optimise their hours. Shadowing our ground officers gave me many opportunities to speak to them and learn about their work. This gave me a more nuanced understanding of the operational challenges faced by ICA.

A taste of working life: Diandrea (first row, third from left) with her ICA colleagues during her internship. PHOTO: Diandrea Ho

I was also able to better appreciate the decision-making process involved in immigration clearance and border security operations. What stood out for me was the importance of collaboration between departments to ensure that security protocols at our checkpoints are carried out seamlessly.

What advice would you give a fellow student who’s considering a Home Team career?
A career with the Home Team is fulfilling, presenting many opportunities for us to make an impact on the lives of Singaporeans. However, it comes with its own set of challenges, so it is important to have a positive attitude and a strong sense of purpose towards serving others.

It’s also crucial to understand how our chosen role fits into the big picture of upholding national safety and security. I believe this is what keeps one going.

Diandrea is currently studying Economics at SMU. PHOTO: Ashley Tuen

What are you looking forward to, in terms of work attachments?
I’m looking forward to experiencing other aspects of ICA’s work in my upcoming internships. Such areas include policy planning, international relations and operations. I want to understand ICA’s multifaceted work in securing our borders and how this contributes to Singapore’s overall security. This will give better insight into my role as a Home Team officer when I join ICA.

Be A Guardian of Our Home
A recipient of the Local Merit Scholarship (ICA), Diandrea is currently doing her undergraduate studies at SMU, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics. 

PHOTO: Ashley Tuen
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Written by

Ashley Tuen


11 March 2020

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