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Committed to Serve, Eager to Learn (2022 - Part 1)

Support from the Home Team and their loved ones is invaluable in officers’ pursuit of self-development.
MHA Scholarship Sponsorship Awards 2022 01

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Scholarship and Sponsorship Awards are presented annually to Home Team officers to acknowledge their outstanding service and affirm their potential for further contributions to Singapore’s safety and security. Six of this year’s recipients share their passion for their jobs and how they are preparing for greater responsibilities.

CNB MHA Scholarship Sponsorship Awards 2022 02

Setting Sights on Higher Education 
Senior Staff Sergeant (SSSGT) Abdul Rasheed S/O Raheem
Investigation Officer, 
Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) 
Always ready to back his team and loved ones, SSSGT Rasheed is receiving reciprocal support as he pursues a degree in Public Safety and Security at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

You began your Home Team career with the MHA Study Award - Diploma, and are now awarded the MHA Degree Scholarship. What motivates you? 
I believe that learning is a lifelong journey. I want to aim high and inspire my son, nieces, nephews, and others who, like me, started working after obtaining their diplomas. Being awarded the MHA Degree Scholarship shows that it is possible to keep learning! I wish to obtain a master’s degree in the future, and this scholarship brings me a step closer to my goal.

Why are you pursuing a degree and career in public safety and security instead of building upon your diploma in electrical engineering?
I am passionate about my work as a CNB officer and hope to contribute as much as possible to make Singapore drug-free, where everyone can live, work and play safely. 

My work has a direct impact on each drug abuser and their kin. A family once told us they were touched by our help to curb their son’s drug addiction. Acknowledgements like this give us a sense of purpose and recognition of our contributions to society. 

Therefore, the modules in this course are diverse and very relevant to my career. They will provide me with the knowledge to deliver more effective outcomes to CNB and the Home Team.

What do you love about working in CNB?
My teammates and the camaraderie. Although the teams I’ve worked in comprise officers of various ages and experience level, we have formed a strong bond, which matters during enforcement operations. Anti-drug raids have a level of uncertainty as we never know how drug abusers would react. But we always ensured that we have each other’s backs, because the safety of our officers and of the accused person’s are of utmost priority. 

How does your family feel about you juggling three years of full-time studies and parenting a toddler?
My wife and extended family are very supportive and prepared to chip in when needed. My personal motto is to take care of those around me, and I think that they will be there for me in times of need as well. – By Tham Yee Lin

Maintaining Standards for Aviation Security 
Ms Lim Hui Ting 
Data Analyst, Security Regulatory Branch, Airport Police Division, Singapore Police Force (SPF)

Through her work, Hui Ting is committed to maintaining aviation security standards to keep Singapore safe and secure.

SPF MHA Scholarship Sponsorship Awards 2022 03

What’s your current role and how’s a day of work like for you?

As a data analyst, I’m responsible for monitoring and tracking the activities by entities such as airlines and cargo agents, ensuring that they fulfil the requirements for quality.

I analyse the statistical data and make recommendations to develop early intervention measures to ensure the safety and security of the airport and air travel.

Share with us a meaningful experience from your work thus far.
It would be the implementation of the Known Consignor Regime for companies, that have already adopted an acceptable level of security, for their cargoes to be subjected to lesser screenings . This regime helps to enhance the security of the air cargo supply chain, ensuring that the aircrafts continue to operate in a secured environment.

For the project, I liaised with companies and processed their applications. The work helped me gain insights on the different areas of aviation security regulatory work and business models of the air cargo industry.

What made you pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with Psychology at SUSS?
I was interested in understanding how business and psychology concepts can be applied in a real-life environment. Going through the degree course has equipped me with skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership. These have helped me in my everyday work to better connect and liaise with my colleagues, and internal and external stakeholders.

What lessons have you learnt while serving as a Home Team officer?
I’ve learnt that there is a need to strike a balance between being firm and exercising empathy when dealing with people.

While there is zero tolerance for aviation security breaches, we do our best to assist our airport partners through engagement to align them with our security standards, in order to fulfil SPF’s mission to keep Singapore safe and secure. – By Elaine Lee

A Lifelong Learner 

CI (1) Mohamed Iskandar Bin Mohamed
Intel Analyst, Integrated Targeting Centre, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

For CI (1) Iskandar, the third-time scholarship applicant is all about never giving up.

ICA MHA Scholarship Sponsorship Awards 2022 04

What inspired you to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Public Safety and Security at the Singapore University of Social Sciences?

I’ve always been a firm believer of lifelong learning, a value that was taught to me since I was in secondary school. Hence, when there was a chance to further my studies, I decided to give it a go.

You were awarded this scholarship on your third attempt. What made you continue to persevere in your application despite having failed twice?
I’ve always been looking for ways to grow, contribute and progress as an officer.

Instead of being disheartened, I took these rejections in my stride. I told myself that they were merely a sign that it was not the right time for me to pursue my studies yet. 

Subsequently, my postings to SHN Command Post and Intelligence division exposed me to different roles, and widened my perspective on the global security climate. This helped me better appreciate how ICA secures our borders in various ways. 

I continued to apply and finally got accepted. I was certainly glad my hard work paid off at the end of the day!

You’ve been with ICA for seven years. What’s the most interesting or meaningful experience you’ve encountered thus far?
It would be my attachment to the Stay Home Notice (SHN) Command Post, where I monitored individuals serving SHNs, ensuring that they comply with the SHN requirements to safeguard the health and safety of our local community. It was a memorable and meaningful stint.

As a father of one with a second baby on the way, how are you planning to balance both school and family?
Going back to school after 11 years is nerve-wrecking but I’m thankful for having a very supportive wife. We have planned out how we can best take care of our children, and I’ll do my very best to balance both responsibilities well.

How does your family feel about you receiving this award?
They’re extremely happy for me to be able to secure the scholarship and head back to school to upgrade myself, especially my wife, who knows how much this scholarship means to me.
– By Elaine Lee

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MHA Scholarship and Sponsorship Awards 2022
The Home Team devotes extensive resources and effort to enhance officers’ professional competencies and prepare them for greater responsibilities. These include supporting officers in their academic upgrading. This year, 148 Home Team officers were awarded MHA Scholarships and Sponsorships to pursue degree or postgraduate studies in a ceremony held on 15 July. Read the speech by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information & Second Minister for Home Affairs.

Written by

Elaine Lee and Tham Yee Lin


15 July 2022

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