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Exercise Heartbeat: Shots Fired in Orchard Road

Not if, but when… Here are six things you can do in the event of a terror attack.
Stories that Save LivesThe hustle and bustle of 313@somerset on the morning of 18 January was disrupted when a man with a sinister smile attacked shoppers with a knife. He was swiftly taken down by a team of Emergency Response Team (ERT) officers. 

But the ordeal wasn’t over. Right after the knife attack, two masked “gunmen” fired at shoppers inside the mall. Panic ensued, but once more ERT officers arrived and, after a quick exchange of shots, took both “gunmen” down. 
An “attacker” being taken down by officers at a simulated terror attack at 313@somerset. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

Fortunately, these were just scenes from Exercise Heartbeat, a simulated terror attack exercise conducted at 313@somerset. 

Organised by the Singapore Police Force and supported by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and the Ministry of Manpower (Cluster Lead for the SGSecure@Workplaces Programme), the Exercise tested the coordination between Home Team Departments in response to a simulated terror attack. 

But the community also has an important role to play in the SGSecure national movement. Over the years, the management and shop owners at 313@somerset have incorporated key Emergency Preparedness elements into their operations, enhancing their emergency procedures and staff training, as well as conducting table-top exercises with terror-related scenarios.  

Here’s a refresher on what you can do in the event of a terror attack! 

ERT officers securing the mall as SCDF responders attend to casualties. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

What to Do in the Event of a Terror Attack
If you see an attacker wielding a knife and charging towards you, or if you hear gunshots, remember this:

1. Run Move away from the danger point as fast as you can and be sure to make as little noise as possible. 

Shoppers escaping from a “gunman” after hearing shots. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

2. Hide Find a safe corner for yourself to stay out of the attacker’s sight. If possible, lock the door of the room that you’re in and stay away from the door. Remember to switch your phone to silent mode.

Casualties hiding from an “attacker”. PHOTO: Desmond Ang

3. Tell Provide details about the attacker and his location to the Police by calling 999, sending a message to 71999 or using the SGSecure app.

The reporting screen of the SGSecure app. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

Improvised First Aid Skills 
Once you’ve found a place to hide in, if you or someone is injured and bleeding, here’s what you should do:

1. Press Stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound directly with a cloth or handkerchief.

PHOTO: Natasha Razak

2. Tie If the bleeding doesn’t stop after pressing, place four fingers above the wound and tie a belt, necktie or bag sling around the wound to prevent further bleeding.

PHOTO: Desmond Ang

3. Tell Note the type of injury and the time that the wound was attended to. Inform SCDF responders once they arrive at the scene.

An SCDF responder noting down information about the casualty. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

Singapore Terrorism Threat Assessment Report 2019
On 22 January 2019, the Ministry of Home Affairs released the Singapore Terrorism Threat Assessment Report 2019. Noting that the terrorism threat to Singapore remains high, the Report encourages the public to stay alert and be prepared that an attack might one day succeed. Click here to read the Report.

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Written by

Natasha Razak


24 January 2019

Emergency Preparedness
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