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Father's Influence, My Dedication (Part 1)

Driven by her father's tales, SGT Chan Lek Kiat, Vanessa pursues her passion of being a Police officer.

What are your main duties as a Ground Response Force (GRO) officer at Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC)?
I patrol assigned areas to maintain visible police presence and stay vigilant to ensure public safety and deter crime.

I respond promptly to 999 emergency calls, in assessing situations quickly, providing immediate assistance and coordinating with other emergency services if required.

I also assist members of the public at the NPC by gathering details from them for Police reports and offering Police advice. I provide support to them who may be distressed or traumatised, while ensuring that their reports are accurately documented.

Inspired by her father's experiences, Vanessa was drawn to a career in the SPF.

Did your father influence your decision to join the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and how did he react when you joined?
Yes, my father has always been my source of inspiration. To be a part of the SPF was my passion, and his tales from his time with the Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) further inspired me to join the Force. He is currently Head VSC (Covering) of Jurong Division. His tales of real-life incidents in his work fuelled my interest and passion.

Ever since I told him about my aspiration to become a Police officer, he had been very supportive and kept encouraging me to go for it. He was proud to see me follow my dreams and was always there to offer guidance. His enthusiasm and belief in my abilities were a constant source of motivation for me.

Words of advice from her father continue to guide Vanessa in her career.

What advice from your father has stayed with you? In what ways has he been there for you?
He always says, "You always have to do your best. If it's possible to better yourself, do it, and do your job well." These words motivate me to strive for excellence every day. After a stressful day, my dad will always be there to listen to me and recharge me by helping me gain an alternative positive and insightful perspective and allowing me to take my mind off the stress at work.

Vanessa providing Police advice to a member of the public, always remembering her father’s advice about doing her best in her job.

How do you think your father feels about you being in the same Force (SPF) as him?
He is definitely proud that we are in the same Force. Initially, I did not want anyone to know that my father is also in the SPF. I wanted to stand on my own and forge my relationships with others in my career without his influence.

On the other hand, he has never hesitated in telling others that he has a daughter in the SPF whenever they asked and he would tell me when he does that. I can feel that he is proud of me and wants to share with people that, “Yes, she is my daughter and I’m happy that she shares the same career passion as me.” This makes me feel honoured and motivates me to keep pushing ahead in my job.

Influenced by her father, Vanessa finds joy in helping the public and seeing their appreciation.

What do you enjoy most about your work and how is this attributable to your father’s influence?
The best part of my job is helping people. When I assist people in lodging Police reports and see the relief and gratitude on their faces, it gives me immense satisfaction. Knowing that I can help provide closure to make them feel secure makes all the hard work worthwhile. As Head VSC, my father also believes in volunteering and helping others. This serves as a positive boost to my dedication to do the same while performing my job duties.

“My dad influences my dedication to my career and inspires me to give my best every day. His experience, advice and support have moulded me into the person I am today.” – SGT Chan Lek Kiat, Vanessa

Written by

Muhammad A'qasha


14 June 2024

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