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Grit and Guts: On the Mark (Part 1)

We bring you a rare glimpse into how the elite Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) unit from the Special Operations Command of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) conduct their trainings to stay in tip-top shape.
SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 01B
GRAPHIC: Joash Tan. PHOTOS: Joash Tan and Lynn Ng

Scenario: Two armed and dangerous men have barricaded themselves in a unit within a block of flats. Before they can exact more harm on the public, the SPF's Special Operations Command (SOC) need to effectively neutralise the threat.

Enter the mysterious masked officers: operators from STAR – the pride of the SPF, who provide the highest level of tactical armed-response capabilities – in their full gear ready to take down the enemy!

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts Pt 1 02
All ready for action.

But first, the team needed to do a bit of reconnaissance to suss out the situation and to strategise the follow-up action plans. 

A handy piece of equipment, with cameras mounted on wheels controlled remotely, was thrown onto the second floor – hence the name “throwbot” – to provide visuals of the surroundings in preparation for storming the unit. 

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 03
A STAR operator hurled the robot into unknown territory, and it landed on the corridor of the second floor.

The team advanced up while checking out the live feed from the throwbot’s camera, looking for signs of suspicious activity. 

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 04
Advancing in formation.

With the stairwell cleared, the team used another camera robot to detect the target’s location. 

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 05
The STAR operators found a unit with the door ajar.

STAR operators moved in and found one of the suspects within the unit armed with a knife. 

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 06
STAR operators located the suspect through the robot camera and commanded him to drop his weapon.

After a brief standoff, the suspect complied with demands to drop his knife and surrendered. 

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 07
The suspect was quickly arrested.

STAR operators swiftly entered the unit to search for the second armed suspect, who refused to comply. 

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 08
STAR operators combed the unit and located the suspect, who had a gun, holed up in a room.

A Tactical K-9 was deployed to take down the suspect.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 09
A STAR Tactical K-9 handler prepared the dog to move in.

With its keen sense of smell, the Tactical K-9 quickly found its target.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 1 10
The Tactical K-9 entered the room and zeroed in on the gunman. Overpowered by the dog, the gunman was arrested by STAR operators.

Mission accomplished!

Watch the TikTok video.

About the STAR Unit
The STAR Unit, one of the units under the Special Operations Command, provides the SPF with the highest level of tactical armed-response capability. It is a unit equipped with formidable firepower and tactics to deal with highly dangerous criminals.

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12 October 2022

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