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Guardians of Tomorrow (Part 2)

With a passion to serve the Home Team after their tertiary education, meet this year’s Home Team Sponsorship Award recipients!
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GRAPHIC: Dayana Yakob

The Home Team Sponsorship Awards comprise the Diploma Sponsorship and ITE Sponsorship. They are awarded to students who demonstrate leadership qualities, drive and resilience, and who share the vision of the Ministry of Home Affairs to keep Singapore safe and secure. Two of this year’s Sponsorship Award recipients share their aspirations with us!

HT Sponsorship (Part2) 02
PHOTO: Dayana Yakob


PEARLYN CHEE, Nanyang Polytechnic
Home Team Diploma Study Award Recipient, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

Who inspired you to pursue a career with the Home Team?
My father and sister were my inspiration. Growing up, my sister and I loved listening to our father’s personal stories in the Singapore Army and the Republic of Singapore Navy. He made us realise the importance of a strong national and civil defence, and that spurred us to seek a dynamic and meaningful career with the Home Team. 

My elder sister is now a frontline officer with Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) and she often talks about how fulfilling it is to contribute towards safeguarding Singapore’s borders against security threats. 

What made you decide on becoming a paramedic?
When I was about eight years old, my grandfather fell in the living room and lost consciousness while we were at home. My grandmother was in a state of shock and I was left to call 995. I felt greatly relieved when the paramedics arrived, and it struck me how well they took care of my grandfather. 

From that moment, I aspired to provide the same relief and medical assistance to others during emergencies, just like how the SCDF paramedics provided care and assurance to my family and me.

Tell us about your volunteer experiences.
I engaged the elderly through art workshops, home visits of lower-income families and even online volunteering via Zoom during my time with FILOS Community Service Centre and my poly’s Community Service Club. These experiences helped me empathise more and communicate better with people from different walks of life, and both are important traits for a paramedic. 

How do you and your family feel about receiving the award?
Receiving this sponsorship fulfils my childhood ambition. My family members, especially my father and sister, are glad to have positively influenced me in my career choice. I look forward to the many opportunities to serve Singapore as a Lifesaver!

HT Sponsorship (Part2) 03
PHOTO: Dayana Yakob

NURUL ATHIRAH BINTE ABDULLAH, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) East
Home Team ITE Sponsorship Award Recipient, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

How did you decide on being a paramedic?
Being a member of St. John Brigade in secondary school cultivated my interest in the medical field. I signed up for nursing in ITE but found the routine as a nurse too repetitive. I switched to become a paramedic instead and that’s when I found my true passion.

I’ve been a trainee paramedic with Yishun Fire Station for almost six months now and every day is a new experience!

What made you apply for the Home Team Sponsorship Award?
My father and sister are police officers and they inspired me to join the Home Team. Whenever they shared their experience at work, I would imagine myself attending to the call as a paramedic and thinking about the protocol and procedures to follow.

When I saw the call for SCDF sponsorship application circulating in my class’ WhatsApp Group, I decided to go for it. 

How is your internship with SCDF at Yishun Fire Station thus far?
I am reminded of my purpose when I attend to emergencies. I enjoy the rush of adrenaline from having to think on the spot, figuring out what is wrong with the individual and administering the right procedure.

What does being a member of the Home Team mean to you?
I am proud to join my family members as part of the Home Team to contribute to Singapore’s safety and security.

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Home Team Sponsorship Awards 2022
The Home Team Sponsorship Awards comprise the Diploma Sponsorship and ITE Sponsorship. They are awarded to Polytechnic and Higher NITEC students who demonstrate leadership qualities, drive and resilience, and who share the vision of the Ministry of Home Affairs to keep Singapore safe and secure.

Upon graduation, Award recipients will embark on a career with one of the Home Team Departments: the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, the Singapore Prison Service or the Central Narcotics Bureau. This year, 18 students received the Home Team Sponsorship award – 15 for Diploma studies and four for ITE.

Read the speech by Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, at the Home Team Sponsorship Award Ceremony 2022.

Written by

Dayana Yakob


3 June 2022

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