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Industry Spotlight: Interdependence Between Security and Technology

Recognising the interdependence, one security agency has been employing technology to derive good security outcomes for more than a decade.
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PHOTOS: Arvind Chan, Interlock Security and Investigation Services. GRAPHIC: Joash Tan.

Technology has long been an integral part of the operations of Interlock Security and Investigation Services Pte Ltd, one of three agencies that received the Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award in 2022. Home Team News spoke with three of their key members: Sanjiv Sharma (Chief Executive Officer), Kevin Singh (Chief Operating Officer) and Dinesh Kumar (Chief Technology Officer) on their views on tech-based security solutions, which are aligned with the Security Industry Transformation Map.

What distinguishes Interlock Security from other security agencies is…

Sanjiv: …our team. Our Chairman gave us strong support, guidance and confidence to embark on our technological journey, and we never looked back since. 

Using technology in our operations…
Dinesh: …mitigated the mundane everyday operational demands and requirements of a security officer. We crafted conceptual solutions based on experience that we garnered in security manpower operations over the years. We continued to expand on this journey till we came to an end-to-end integrated ecosystem for security technology provision.

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The company won the Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award (Non-APO) in 2022, a testament to their capabilities in security solutions that incorporate both manpower and technology. PHOTO: Security Association Singapore.

A key challenge we faced in our drive to use technology was…
…getting people to embrace the technological solutions. In the earlier years, after we completed our R&D, we had to convince our clients to “take the plunge” and implement the solutions. After they saw the potential returns on investment and savings, they started to introduce more leads to us. 

Our security officers were also initially afraid of using these technology platforms. We embarked on a training spree for these officers. We always tell our team, “If you can use a smart phone, you can use technology”. 

Currently, we are developing training platforms using digital twins and AR/VR goggles in multiple languages. This will enable our team members to do training on site and keep their skill sets up to date. We are also working hard to implement bite-size training kits through our in-house app.

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Besides the training they have received on using the technologies currently deployed at various sites, Security Officers will soon receive bite-sized training kits through the company’s in-house app. PHOTO: Interlock Security and Investigation Services

Tech capabilities that I think will be indispensable to security agencies in the future are…
…AI technology that deals with geofencing, additional layers of monitoring for premises through virtual patrolling, remote monitoring and unattended items.

High quality security service is important because…
…we must always ensure that people in Singapore feel safe and secure at all times. We give this assurance to the global audience with pride to ensure that we continue to instil confidence in our nation’s ability to host high level meetings and conferences. There are several considerations that attract investments, talent and tourists to Singapore and security ranks among the top. Thus, we take this very seriously.

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The company’s patrolling robot with AI-embedded capabilities are deployed at condominiums, training institutes and other premises. PHOTO: Interlock Security and Investigation Services

Buyers of security services should embrace centralised technology-driven platforms covering security, cleaning, and facilities management services to collectively meet their premises’ needs because…
…it allows a more efficient and productive means for both the vendor and premise operator to get accurate outcomes and timely reports to assist them in forecasting and planning. 

Our current strategy, besides implementing technology for security, is to also include our super app to integrate all these services under one digital platform from end to end: attendance taking, equipment yearly/monthly predictive and preventive maintenance, safety equipment expiry, incident management, water meter reading, incident management. Coupled with outcome-based contracts, this can increase wages and contribute to upskilling security officers to be well equipped as first responders to any situation that might affect the normal operations of a premise. 

What I wish people knew about the security industry is…
…that security goes beyond technology. While technologies enable security officers to stay ahead of constantly evolving threats, security requires a comprehensive approach that includes risk assessment, policy development, training and awareness programs, and ongoing monitoring and testing.

We want to give a special shout-out to…
…all who contribute to security in Singapore. It's important to recognise and support the hard work and dedication of security officers who support the Home Team in keeping Singapore safe and secure. We can never give enough thanks to the security officers who watch out for us while we sleep at night. 

Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM)
The Security ITM was launched in 2018 to uplift the private security industry. On 16 Nov 2022, MHA launched the Security ITM 2025 with refreshed initiatives as well as to prepare the industry for the new model of delivering security services as part of integrated facilities management.

Singapore Security Industry Awards 2022
Organised by the Security Association Singapore (SAS), the Singapore Security Industry Awards recognise the top security agencies and security projects in the industry. 

In 2022, the Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award was presented to three agencies that have demonstrated significant capabilities in security solutions that incorporate both manpower and technology –Interlock Security and Investigation Services Pte Ltd, AETOS Holdings and Security & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd. 

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Tham Yee Lin


4 May 2023

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