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Industry Spotlight: Your Security, Our Priority (Part 1)

Exemplary performance and embodiment of professionalism – these aptly describe how two winners of the Security Officers’ Day Awards carry out their duties.
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Nothing’s too difficult to handle for Security Officer of the Year award winner SSO Logeswari Govindaraju from Tiger Hong Security Services & Consultants. The use of technology has made her work as a security officer easier, as Home Team News finds out from our chat with SSO Logeswari.

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Why did you decide to be a security officer?
I used to work as a ground staff at the airport. After the COVID-19 outbreak, I decided to join the security industry to gain new experiences. So far, I’ve enjoyed many work and training opportunities. The Progressive Wage Model in the industry also helps as it gives us better salary and welfare and can attract more people to join the field. I intend to stay on in my current job to continue learning more and growing in the security industry.

What does your current role as a Duty Controller entail?
I am based at Tiger Hong’s Integrated Command Centre, where my main duty is to monitor all the condominium, commercial buildings and industrial sites under our charge and conduct remote patrols. I also plan manpower deployments because there will occasionally be cases of last-minute manpower shortages.

How did you feel when you had to use technology for your work at the Integrated Command Centre?
Before I joined the security industry, I did not know much about the use of technology. After joining the industry, I found that technology is really helpful, because it makes my work easier, more efficient and convenient. I slowly familiarised myself with the various systems, such as remote monitoring, virtual patrols, video management systems and facial detection.

Even though I am seated in one place doing virtual patrol and am not physically at the site, I can use technology to see the estate’s surroundings and check if it is secured or if there are any abnormalities. This allows me to work more effectively and efficiently. For example, in April 2023, my fellow security officer called me regarding an unattended bag. I checked the CCTV footage and found out when the bag was left there and the appearance of the person who placed the bag. I then provided the information to my colleagues who in turn informed the condominium manager and chairman.

Nowadays, most security companies have enhanced their use of technology, so that it is easier for security officers to carry out more duties. I plan on going for more courses in the future to widen my skillsets and learn more about other types of technology!

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After receiving a phone call regarding an incident, SSO Logeswari checks the CCTV footage before deciding on the next course of action.

What is one thing you wish people knew about a security officer’s work?
Security officers are also human beings who have the same emotions as anyone else. We hope people will listen to us patiently when we are carrying out our duties and sharing the guidelines with them. Some people do not have the patience and will get angry. I hope that they do not disrespect security officers, because we are here to ensure their safety at all times.

Security Officers’ Day Awards
An initiative by the Security Association Singapore (SAS), Security Officers’ Day Awards is presented annually, in conjunction with Security Officers’ Day which falls on 24 July. The awards recognise individual security officers for their outstanding performance and service to Singapore and in the security industry. This year, six officers received the Security Officer of the Year award and another six officers received the SAS President’s Medal for Professionalism.

Security Industry Transformation Map
The Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) is a collaborative effort with industry associations, companies, unions, service buyers, security agencies and Government agencies led by the Ministry of Home Affairs to transform the industry to deliver better security outcomes. Click here to read more.

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Arvind Chan


11 August 2023

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