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Like Father, Like Daughter (SPF)

It runs in the family – two Home Team officers share how they’re inspired to follow in their fathers’ footsteps this Father’s Day.
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GRAPHIC: Dayana Yakob

Growing up, SGT (1) Nurul Amelina Binte Abdullah has always been proud of her dad being a police officer. Whenever there were Police Open Houses, she would visit with her siblings to learn more about her father’s work. The visits and experiences shared by her father, SI Abdullah Bin Johar, inspired her to follow in his footsteps to join Singapore Police Force (SPF). 

Father's Day 2022 SPF - 02
SGT (1) Amelina and her father SI Abdullah. PHOTO: Dayana Yakob

How long have you both been in SPF and what is your current role?
SI Abdullah: I joined SPF in 1993 after my National Service, and have served for 30 years. I am a Crew Commander for a patrol team in the Police Coast Guard (PCG) at Loyang Base. I am in charge of patrolling the Singapore territorial waters to deter illegal activities and project Police presence so that our sea community is safe.

SGT (1) Amelina: I am a Ground Response Force officer at Ang Mo Kio Division where I attend to '999' calls and manage incidents on the ground. It has been a year since I joined SPF in April 2021. 

I have always aspired to be a frontline officer and keep my neighbourhood safe. Growing up, my dad often shared his experiences handling incidents on the water as a PCG officer, and it has always inspired me.

Father's Day 2022 SPF - 03
GRAPHIC: Dayana Yakob

As an SPF officer, have you developed a deeper appreciation for your dad?
SGT (1) Amelina: Ever since I joined SPF, it has opened my eyes to the danger and responsibilities my dad faces daily. Policing is neither an easy job nor a career for everyone. 

What do you find is the best thing to be in the Home Team together?
SGT (1) Amelina: The best part is that we get to share our experiences on the ground, and having my dad empathise with the struggles I face at work.

SI Abdullah: We now have more common topics that we can talk about. This has strengthened our bond and brought us closer. 

Father's Day 2022 SPF - 04
PHOTO: Dayana Yakob

Was there a specific occasion when you were worried for your daughter’s safety?
SI Abdullah: As a parent to two daughters in the Home Team (one of whom is serving as a paramedic trainee and will join Singapore Civil Defence after graduation), it is natural to worry each day they leave home for work. Thoughts like ‘will they be alright’ and ‘will they face danger or obstacles at work’ will surface. But they need to learn what the world is all about. Facing challenges will nurture them and mould them into mature and responsible adults.

Father's Day 2022 SPF - 05
SI Abduallah with his daughters, SGT (1) Amelina (right) and Nurul Athirah (left), a paramedic trainee. PHOTO: Dayana Yakob

What is one thing that you’d like to share as a father and officer in the Home Team?
SI Abdullah: As a father and Home Team officer, we should aim to set our priorities right. Always make time for family. Plan and be ready to have backup plans when the need arises to balance work and family commitments.

 Father's Day 2022 SPF - 06
Special messages from SI Abdullah’s daughters to their beloved dad. GRAPHICS: Dayana Yakob

What would you like to say to your dad this Father’s Day?
SGT (1) Amelina: Happy Father’s Day, Ayah. You have always ensured that there is food on the table and made sure that we are well taken care of. Thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made for the family. Now it’s my turn to make you proud, Ayah.

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Written by

Dayana Yakob


17 June 2022

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