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My Mum, My Inspiration (Part 2)

Inspired by her mother’s compassion for serving the community, SGT Gina Lim Hui Min joined the Life Saving Force.

What are your core job responsibilities as an Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Specialist? 
My job responsibilities include responding promptly to emergency calls and providing immediate medical assistance to patients at accident scenes, medical emergencies or disasters. I also need to communicate effectively with my medical crew, patients, bystanders and other emergency responders, and provide reassurance to patients’ family members. 

Gina is based at Alexandra Fire Station. 
How did your mother inspire you to join the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)? 
My mum’s values and beliefs about helping others in times of need made me decide to be a paramedic as I was inspired by her compassion and dedication to serve the community.  
Detecting health concerns early can help prevent health complications. Thus, my mum helps seniors in her neighbourhood by monitoring their vital signs and identifying potential health issues.  

She attended First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) courses that equip her with lifesaving skills that can be used in times of emergency. Her actions helped raise awareness among the neighbours about common health issues and influenced the community to take proactive steps for their own health and wellbeing. 

Her mother initially opposed Gina’s decision to join the life-saving Force as she thought it would be extremely risky.

What was your mum’s reaction to you joining SCDF? 
My mum was concerned about the inherent risks and challenges associated with the job, especially in very stressful emergency situations.  
I somewhat recall that she had expressed conflicting feelings as she grappled with my decision. She was both proud and worried about my career choice. Nevertheless, she valued my decision and respected my passion to serve as a paramedic.

The deep sense of pride and respect by Gina's mother for her dedication and committment give her the strength and confidence in her daily work tasks.
Now that you have worked as a Paramedic for five years, what is your mother’s attitude towards your job now? 

Her attitude has evolved into a deep sense of pride and respect for my dedication and commitment. Witnessing my professionalism and compassion to saving lives, she recognises the importance of my role in the community and the positive impact I can make in people’s lives. 

Gina’s lifesaving skills have been used both locally and overseas.
Have your children expressed interest in joining the Home Team? 
Not yet, although they expressed pride that I am dedicated to saving lives and serving and giving back to the community. 
When my children found out that I was activated to join the Operation Lionheart Contingent’s deployment to the Türkiye-Syria earthquake last year, they were thrilled to learn from me the challenges my colleagues and I had faced and how we overcame them. Also, their teachers have incorporated topics related to emergency medical services or first aid into their lessons, sparking their curiosity and deepening their understanding of real-world applications beyond books.  

My daughters would get very excited whenever they see an ambulance passing by with sirens and blinkers on, hoping that they would see me in action (saving lives).

“To all mummies out there, your love is a force of nature, unwavering and unconditional. Your sacrifices often go unnoticed, but they form the foundation upon which our lives are built. Thank you for your endless patience, gentle strength, and unwavering belief in us. You are our role model and our biggest cheerleader. Your love knows no bounds, and for that we are eternally grateful.” - SGT Gina Lim Hui Min

Written by

Toh Rui Hao


15 May 2024

Emergency Medical Preparedness
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